Saturday, April 12, 2014

Catching Up - Weekend Planning

Thanks for all of your great comments yesterday. I'll get caught up today and respond to each and every one today, I promise. Yesterday, as I mentioned, I was running all over town before opening up for business, and it was a busy day from the time I awakened to the time I finally went to sleep. But everything got accomplished, so I'm grateful for small favors - LOL.

Yesterday's errands took my time from early morning until
late in the night. It was a crazy day, but it was nice to
finally get to bed at the end of it all. 

I hate to do two picture blogs in a row. I really prefer my blog to be more substantive and even, on occasion, thought-provoking. But I'm a bit brain-dead right now and I'm focused on attending the American Crafts Council Show tomorrow and the silent auction at the Minnesota Mineral Club meeting tonight. It's about time DH and I have some fun for the weekend since we managed to accomplish so much over the past few weeks.

The ACC Show always had wonderful quality goods. This picture features
a glass sculpture by Dan Barnes, a fabulous ring by one of my favorite
jewelers, George Sawyer, and a cup by Julia Timm.

The American Craft Council Show is one that we attend every year. We are members of the ACC and always enjoy looking at the variety of high-quality hand-crafted art and crafts that are presented at the show every year. The St Paul show is not as large as their Baltimore or San Francisco shows, but it has good attendance. Since the ACC moved from New York to Minneapolis several years ago, I'm fairly certain that the St Paul show will always be on their calendar of events. We'll go to the show and then head on for a late breakfast afterward.

Carol Long produces exquisite pottery. I'm really looking forward to
seeing what she's come up with. Chickie and Chickie Mama will also be
attending, so I'm sure we'll run into them, although they usually move through
faster than we do. I love taking my time looking at each exhibitor's talent. 

The Minnesota Mineral Club has its monthly meeting tonight. We've been thinking about joining the group for several years and now that DH is getting more involved in working with stone, we thought it might be fun to meet up with these folks more often than the one time a year we attend their annual show. The meeting is held close to where we live, so it is easy for us to get to. Tonight they are holding a silent auction. I won't be buying, but I hope we'll have an enjoyable time.

I love working with find stones in my jewelry and art projects. Now DH wants
to start slicing and polishing these for me. Call me happy! 

So on that note, I hope all of you have a fabulous weekend. I'll be diving back into my writing tomorrow, but today is still a day with minimal words. Enjoy friends, family, pets and fun times this weekend and I'll be back on Monday.

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