Friday, April 11, 2014

A Topsy-Turvy Photo Blog Day

DH is up and my workflow is being impacted (and not in a good way - sigh). I'm going to put together a topsy-turvy photo blog for all of you today. Hopefully I can catch up a bit more later in the morning, although I'll be driving all over town before I have to open the shop today. Arghhhh! I just hate it when my days are so busy and messed up before 4:30 am....

I'll start out with the Topsy-Turvy bus. Built to bring attention to
the owner's belief that the budget is upside down, it's a great
visual. Wouldn't it cause you to look twice? 

I've always loved these types of drawings. It is a single drawing, viewed from
two different perspectives. Fun, isn't it? 

Although I saw a lot of plants growing from top down (tomatoes
most frequently), I loved this topsy-turvy flowerpot arrangement.

Sometimes life is a bit topsy-turvy. That's what it seems like
for me this morning, so I think I'll cut this short and head out for breakfast. 

Have a totally fabulous Friday!

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