Monday, April 14, 2014

I'll Get You, My Pretty...

I love pretty things, and yesterday's trip to the American Craft Council show overwhelmed me with lots and lots of beautiful items. There were wonderful works of wood, stunning pieces of glass, the weavings were above the top and the clothing items looked cozy and unique, I loved the leatherwork and everywhere I looked there was jewelry and more jewelry. As a jeweler, I do tend to focus on those items, but I adore seeing it all.

Thomas Turner was one of the fine jewelers exhibiting at
the show. He had wonderful pieces incorporating interesting
stones with gold and diamonds in really innovative designs. 

One of my high points this year was seeing that "Magick" would be exhibiting again. Falcher Fusager was instrumental, many years ago, in giving me advice and tips as I was just beginning as an enamelist. He has always been kind and I've spent hours talking with him and looking at his truly fabulous art. But he hasn't exhibited at the St Paul show for years and those shows lacked lustre for me without his work. This year he finally had returned and I was literally jumping up and down when I saw his name and work in the show program.

Facher Fusager of Magick is one of the world's best enamelists, known for his
fine color gradations and detail work in amazing gold cloisonne. He has given
me tips over the years, and one of my dreams has been to own one
of his pieces. 

I was determined to be good and walk all of the aisles, looking at everything, but when I finally arrived at his booth, Chickie and Chickie Mama were behind me at a different vendor and DH had moved far ahead. So I was on my own when I got to the booth and had a chance to speak with Nadia Fusager. She said that Falcher would be at the booth in a little while, so I made a mental note to return once more before leaving for the day. I looked over the items in the cases and told her that having them exhibit at the show again just made my day brighter and happier. Then I left and rejoined my friends to walk through the rest of the show.

Greg Roche makes leather bags that are amazing and beautiful. I own
two of his bags - a small handbag and a bag that I use as my laptop
bag. I use that one every day and it's been holding up really well. 

DH was pulled into the pottery demonstration and then moved over to watch the very talented man demonstrating woodturning on a small lathe. He was a great teacher and DH was spellbound for almost an hour. I finished looking through the rest of the show, then joined him for another half-hour of watching the demonstration. It was really interesting and I was also spellbound, even though wood is not my media. Chickie and Chickie Mama left while we were watching, and after the demo was over and DH had finished asking his questions, we wandered down the last row.

DH loves working with wood, but Martha Collins is a true master.
This bracelet made of twelve different exotic woods is both
lightweight and sturdy. As I become more and more metal
sensitive, I look for alternatives in my jewelry. One of these
days I'll probably buy one of her pieces. 

Before we left I wanted to spend some time with Falcher, so we returned to Magick's booth. He was there, and he remembered me. We fell into easy conversation, catching up on the past few years and talked for quite some time while I was looking at his pieces again. He is such a master in enamel, his work is the bar I am always trying to reach in my own work. DH found a lovely small pendant that he really liked and asked me to try it on, but it wasn't good coloring for me. Falcher brought out a different colorway that was much better, and DH ended up ordering one for me with the brighter color scheme, but the oxidized exterior that the first pendant had. It was my birthday gift for this year. I was astounded and so very happy. I have wanted a piece of Falcher's work for years and now I will finally own one! We parted with my begging Falcher once again to teach a Master Class Session at Alan Revere's Jewelry Academy. I know that Alan asks him every year and I would move heaven and earth to get to San Francisco and take a class - any class - from Falcher.

My great love is glass and Fred Kaemmer makes these wonderful
large works with glass threads throughout. They are
spectacular, visual, and I'm quite sure, expensive. 

So my weekend ended up Magick and I will have a spot of fabulous color coming my way within a few weeks. It was a truly amazing day!

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