Saturday, March 22, 2014

Whew! Dodged a Bullet Again...

I don't like missing deadlines, although sometimes RL just gets in the way. I had a story due last night. I had made one start on but I wasn't really happy with it. During my lunch break I started a second version, but it still wasn't quite there. So, after dinner, I put Mendelssohn's 3rd Symphony in play, slapped on my headphones, and got to work. It's not a long story, and I'm sure there are some errors in it that I just missed, but I submitted the story at 9:00 pm last night so I'm happy and relieved. Just under the bullet for this one.

Thank goodness I was able to pull this one out. I hate missing
deadlines and this one just crept up on me. 

However, I own my dear friend in Germany at least one chapter and another European friend a beta on a story of hers that I'm only 1/3 of the way through and I'm swamped right now. *sigh* I hate letting friends down, so I'll be pushing myself for whatever spare time I have over the next week to get this done for my friends, get my paperwork finished for my Tuesday night tax return appointment, keep my DH sane and mellow while we wait for the next stage in this house sale and operate my business. SURE! I have a life...don't I?

Editing has a long and sterling history of driving editors to crazed
commentary and strong drink. Just wait...I'll get there yet - LOL. 

It's weeks like this that make me realize why most of my writing is accomplished in fits and starts and why I am more comfortable with snippets, drabbles and short stories than with novellas and novels. As much as I have a desire to write a novel, I'm lucky to have the ability to string together 10,000+ words in a single storyline. All too often my pieces are 1,000 - 5,000 words and last night's quick story, although I was very happy with the visual imagery I was portraying with my words, ended at a measly 807 words long. Arghhhhhh!

Short stories are a quick journey for the reader but a long haul
for the author. Everything has to be right in a short story - there
is no room for wasted verbiage.

At the least, I am getting practice with writing and learning how to put together something with choice words. I am resigned to the fact that although I write a good tale in a first draft, that by the time I am finished with my revisions, my throw-out rate of what I originally wrote can easily top 60%. I don't edit as much as rewrite - trying to choose each word to better evoke the theme and essence of the tale. Looking at how much I revise, it's a wonder I get anything out there for others to read at all!

Editing and revisions can make or break a story. 

I'm looking forward to my Saturday and a Sunday that (so far) doesn't have major plans rotating around it. Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday.

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