Monday, March 24, 2014

Catching Up - What a Great Weekend

I only have Saturday nights and Sundays for my 'weekend', but I got the most I could from my time. I was determined to not let my friends down, so slapped on my headphones and music and started editing as soon as I could on Saturday night. By the time I went to sleep on Sunday, I had sent two stories off to their authors with editing complete and was half-way through a third. I feel much more relieved. I also updated "Under Strange Stars" to my archives which only leaves me four more stories to update to get current. I'll get there yet :-)

I love the "track changes" feature in Microsoft Word 2013. I do my editing
in it and it helps me track what I've done when I send it off to others. The
changes are always optional, so the author doesn't have to accept my
suggestions, and I can comment easily when things don't flow or I have questions. 

We have an appointment with our accountant tomorrow night for our personal taxes and I'll be working on organizing, etc today and tomorrow so that I have my numbers in order for him. The more we work with Paul, the more errors we find in things that had been done by our previous accountant. It's a shame because we had really liked her, but not all of the I's were dotted or the T's crossed.

A simple form was not filed in 1997! 1997!!!! REALLY????
We filed it now and hopefully it won't come back to bite us. 

For the past two weeks I've been trying to get new paper for my cash registers. For several years I've bought my paper at Restaurant Depot but when I went there it wasn't on the shelf. I talked with Tom, the Manager out there and after several days and a few drop-bys, we finally had an answer. Their supplier was replacing my 2300SP with a different brand. He set a pack aside for me and even gave it to me at no charge because of the time we had spent (VERY nice of him) and I tried it on Friday.'s a no-go. It's too wide for my printer. So I'll be dropping the flat back off to him later this week and I ordered some retail from my local Office Depot instead. At least I still got a good price...

This was a really lovely lunch. A mini chicken pot pie, a side salad and a
piece of pie was perfect. We haven't gone to Baker's Square for a while, but
it was nice to revisit them. 

DH and I went a little food crazy on Sunday and ate WAY too much - but it was really, really good. We went to Baker's Square for lunch/brunch. He had a scrambled eggs concoction that he said was really good, I had a mini chicken pot pie, salad and of course, pie. We brought the pie home for later in the afternoon.

I do enjoy Kentucky Fried Chicken. Are you getting the impression that
I don't cook? You're right! It's a one-a-week thing for me and when I
do cook, it's usually ... Chicken! - LOL. 

Then for dinner we wanted to use a Kentucky Fried Chicken coupon, so we had chicken for dinner. And then, of course, some Ben & Jerry's Core Ice Cream for late night dessert. TOO MUCH FOOD. But it was really good and I'll be a good girl today again :-)

Have a fabulous Monday...

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