Friday, March 21, 2014

The White Rabbit

I feel like the White Rabbit of Alice in Wonderland fame today because "I'm late, I'm late, I'm late for a very important date!" I usually start working on my blog fifteen minutes earlier than now, so I'm tight on time.  But...I have so many things to say! It's TOTALLY not fair - LOL.

I think I love The White Rabbit the best of all of the marvelous characters
in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. 

We met with the Realtor last night and signed the Purchase Agreements for my father-by-marriage's house. The buyer will be doing her inspection today and if all goes well and there are no roadblocks cast down in front of us, we can continue on with her financing, etc, and sign the final papers on May 16th. If the inspection doesn't work out and she decides to pull out, I'm already getting more showing requests that I am temporarily placing on the back burner until we can determine our path. This buyer seems very anxious to get into the house and I'm perfectly delighted to sell it to her, so I'm really hoping the inspection goes well and that things will proceed smoothly from here.

If the inspection goes well, we might be able to put a SOLD sign on
the house as early as next week. I'm hoping, I'm hoping....

Of course, my DH with his fear of commitment, had a terrible time deciding to sign the forms, but I managed to convince him that waiting for X, Y and Z would be a poor idea and that we want the house sold. He finally took pen in hand and signed his name in several places as the Estate Representative. When the house is finally sold the estate will finally be settled and all assets will be distributed. I can hardly wait!

As I race toward my 60th birthday, I understand more and more how
growing old can affect the body and mind and general outlook of life. 

My B2MeM story was released overnight and I'm delighted because I can now post it to my archives. I'm quite pleased with it. The original parameters were to write a story about a character who has reached old age, so I wrote about Bilbo Baggins and his final journey across Middle Earth from Rivendell to the Grey Havens and beyond. It gave me an opportunity to examine my thoughts about elven aging and compare it to the aches and pains felt by the elderly hobbit (and also myself, something that made me feel a kinship for Bilbo). It was a lot of fun to write.

I love my McDonald's Fish Fillet sandwiches. I buy them year-round. This
year they are running a two for $3.50 special every day until Lent is
over and I'm totally taking advantage of it. I had two for lunch on
Wednesday, have had them every Friday, and also had them for a dinner
a week or so ago. Yeah! I love my Fillet-o-Fish. 

I have to close this now or I'll run too late, so my apologies for such a short post. Happy Friday, happy fish day! (Give me that Fillet o' Fish, Give me that fish!)

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