Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Has Sprung (Almost) and Stuff

In seven hours (give or take a few minutes) Spring will spring upon the Northern Hemisphere and I, for one, can hardly wait. Yesterday's snowfall was less than the six inches threatened, but still something that had to be shoveled. DH got up really early and got me shoveled out, and after my coffee and oatmeal at the coffee shop, I went to my father-by-marriage's house and shoveled that so that DH wouldn't have to. A gift, in essence. (My back is feeling it today - ouch!). Today our temps will hit 40 F though, so a lot more melt will go on.

Spring flowers under sunlight with blue skies - I want it ALL!

We had an offer on my father-by-marriage's house and thought it was too low, so we had our Realtor extend a counter-offer to the interested buyer that was a halfway point between her initial offer and our initial price. My Realtor phoned me late last night with the news that our counteroffer has been accepted. We'll go into the Realtor's office tonight to review the formal bid agreement and DH will have to sign that to get things officially on track for the next step. Now, if we survive the inspection process and her financing pulls through, we'll have the house sold by mid-May. I can hardly wait! The majority of the money from the sale will go to his sister, but at least we'll get something from it. DH says we'll push whatever we get toward the desperately needed remodel of our current home.

Our Realtor used to own the house next door to my father-by-marriage's home
and they are similar in floor plan and age. She has specialized in sales of
homes in that area of town for many years now. I wanted her to represent
the house for us - she's a straight shooter, very honest and skilled. 

I offer an apology to my friends who read my blog and are so kind as to comment. I know I haven't been as quick to respond as usual, I've been neck-deep in getting paperwork together for our personal income taxes and until that appointment next Tuesday, I'll be paddling madly to stay above the waterline for a few more days, but I'll respond - I promise!

I promise - this is only temporary! 

Enjoy your first day of Spring (or Fall for my friends in the Southern Hemisphere).

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