Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Birds - Because We Love Them

We got an offer on the house yesterday - too low - so we sent in a counteroffer last night and we'll see where it goes. I have my 'day off' today and will be spending it getting my tax information together for my tax appointment next week as well as doing some beta work and general usual tasks such as laundry, grocery shopping, etc. We had snow last night - looks like 3"-4" if I'm seeing it properly through the window. DH is already awake (it's not even 5:00 am) to snow blow me out. I'm rather amazed!

Cardinals are one of the few smaller birds that winter over with us. There is
nothing more spectacular than to see their red feathered bodies flying
through the snow-filled evergreen branches. I love their song in the spring
when they are seeing a mate. I often hear it as the sun rises in the morning sky. 

So many of you commented on my owl yesterday. It was a totally wonderful thing and I loved having the music of its hoots outside my window. I think I'll do some bird pictures today because I adore birds and it seems like a good thing to do on a snow-filled day.

Blue Jays also winter over with us. These brash thieves of the bird world
are cocky and pushy with a harsh call. But they look so beautiful. 

Burrowing Owls look like the quintessential Egyptian owl to me. These small
little owls burrow underground and live in groups. They blend in with
the desert sands and are quick to hide.  

When I saw my first Brown Pelican flying above me many years ago I
thought I had been transported back in time to the days of flying
Pterodactyls. The wingspan was so amazing and it had this primitive look
that totally astounded me. They are very kewl birds. 

Although our lakes and rivers are filled with a variety of water birds, I have
an egret who regularly hangs out at the pond closest to me. When I see him in the water,
I know that spring has arrived. He's still somewhere warmer for the next month or two,
but I'll be on the look-out when the snows have finally melted. The breathtaking
beauty of the stark white flying against the green trees gets me every time. 

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday. I'll try and post something with more conversational meat tomorrow.

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