Thursday, March 6, 2014

Time to Buckle Down and Touchstones of Life

I didn't get as much writing done yesterday as I wanted, but I did get all of my errands completed, three loads of laundry done and lots of fruit washed and chicken breasts baked. So the day wasn't a total loss by any means. However, it means that I still have a serious ticking clock making my life a misery for the next six days. I know yesterday was a very slow day at the shop and, even though I really need the customers and their money, I'm also rather hoping that today will be slow too. If it is, I might be able to wrap up the writing and begin the editing today.

I'll be cutting out letters and words today with gusto!
Editing MUST commence. 

Another possibility would be for me to begin the editing process now and then just end things with a flourish. My major problem is the word count - I want it shorter - a lot shorter. I have the same turf and questions being answered by various characters and since this isn't a "sky is falling, sky is falling" children's story, I need to cut out the repetition.

It's time to eliminate some of the repetition and streamline this story.

But in reality and in real life, repetition can be the touchstone that helps ground us to our lives and our loves. That good-bye kiss when I leave for work, that small pat on the backside when I walk by my DH, or just stroking down the back of a kitten or scratching the ears of a dog. These are all feel-good touchstones that can make me feel good.

There's just something about a cat's soft fur that begs to be stroked.

Have you ever purchased something just because of the touch? I've found that things made of stone can have that affect for me. Just stroking the stone can be calming and healing. This type of item is where the term touchstone originated. My touchstones are texture, but also light and color.

I love color and glass. I'm sure that's one of the reasons why I work in
glass when I have time to fire up my kiln or my torch. 

Sometimes I purchase something because of the light - the light it captures or sends out. That's where my candles and my glassware comes into play. The candles cast off a soft, warm light, and the glassware takes ambient light and magnifies or changes it in so many different ways.

There is something so soothing about the soft gleam of a lit candle. 

Then there's color - the color of our lives and homes. I've never been a fan of white walls.  I love color. My house is filled with wall art - paintings, weavings, baskets and metalwork by a variety of people. Each piece brings color into my life. As I age and look into selling many of my cherished items, I know I'll miss them. But life must go on and memories can be strong when things are no longer at hand.

This is NOT my home. Remember, I don't like white walls. But this
eclectic assortment of artwork on the walls is quite nice. 

Enjoy your Thursday. Get something accomplished so that I'll feel like I've done something today too :-)

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seth said...

Another near miss today as we play the Target Center. At least the ice is thin...