Friday, March 7, 2014

Growling Photos - Because I Can

When I got to my computer this morning after my shower I had no internet. It wasn't the computer, it wasn't the modem, it was Comcast. After phoning them and having their automated service acknowledge that there were spotty problems in my area and that it would be fixed by 6:00 am, I sighed and went upstairs to the living room couch with my Nook to read for a half hour. Returning after 30 minutes, I had internet again. But of course, I'm WAY behind schedule. So ... Growl ...

Sometimes a girl just has to growl...

I had a comment from a good friend on yesterday's post that once again he was in town for one day, but working and totally unable to grab any time off to get together. *sigh* I'm hoping that another tour will have him in town for a bit longer and can get together for a meal or a drink. Or maybe we can meet up in Milwaukee again if our schedules intersect. That was such fun when we reconnected so many years ago. But for now ... Growl ...

A growling wolf is a good pic for Seth. Beautiful man, beautiful wolf. What's
not to like? 

I finally finished writing my B2MeM story yesterday and started the editing process. Since my morning's spare time evaporated on me today, I'll have to edit in Open Office instead of Word during the day. That means I'll have to revisit everything I edit today in Open Office in Word tonight to catch formatting issues. Growl ...

There's something so wonderful about a tiger, even when it's
this close to causing you serious bodily harm. 

DH found Ben & Jerry's core ice cream for us at the grocery store yesterday but we decided to wait until watching "Doc Martin" tonight before dipping in to them. This is a Growl for yesterday when I was looking forward to trying some, but a Yummmm for today when I'll get to indulge.

Look at this small growling puppy. Who could be afraid
of this tiny puff ball? 

Finally, it's Friday. For most people that signifies the end of their work week. For me that signifies the next to last day of my work week. But it's Lent (which I don't really celebrate or keep) and that means McDonald's Fish Fillet sandwiches for dinner. OK, I know it's an acquired taste, but I adore Fish Fillet sandwiches and eat them year-round. During Lent they are available at a very inexpensive cost, so this one is no Growl - only a total Yippee! ....

Great ambitions, aren't they? 

Have a totally fabulous Friday and be kind to yourself today. Treat yourself to something fun - a package of gummy worms, an ice cream cone, a truffle, or maybe some time on the park swings. Enjoy!

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