Saturday, March 8, 2014

International Women's Day - Are You Strong?

Today is International Women's Day. Some may ask "Why have a day set aside for women? It's not like they are a minority or a charity project or even a cause célèbre for the day."  But take a careful look around you and examine the women you interact with. Are they confident? Do they have options or are they living from one paycheck to the next? Are they able to save for their future? Are they abused? Do they have too many children to raise alone? Are they crying out silently for help? 

Women often stay in abusive situations because of fear
or because they have children and no funds. 

Women generally are paid less than men, absorb most of the child rearing functions, keep the homes running, are often abused, sold into slavery or imprisoned in the home. Often women see themselves as powerless. Often women are treated as a spoil of war. 

Look carefully at the women you know. Are they safe? 

But women are anything BUT powerless if they can join with other women. By reaching out to other women and some men, women can strengthen themselves, gain confidence and skills, and escape horrific situations. In order to do that, though, there has to be confidence that when they speak out, they will have the support needed to leave, to run, or to hide if necessary. 

If they are enslaved - help them break the shackles, real or imagined. 

If they are abused - give them a safe place to hide. Help them leave a bad situation. Help their children. 

If they are underpaid - try and help them increase their skills so that they can find a better paying job. 

Do you know a strong woman?

Do you know a strong woman? Is there a woman you want to remember, maybe even emulate? Tell me about her. 

Greet a new day of equality, no fear and sisterly support. Celebrate
International Women's Day and keep women's strength in your heart. 

Have a wonderful weekend...

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