Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring is a'Coming

Pity the poor person who is responsible for
changing multiple clocks twice a year.

In the US, Daylight Saving Time started on Sunday morning (very early). Spring is 'spring ahead' so we lose an hour of sleep. Normally it doesn't hit me horribly because it's on a Sunday and that's the day that we sleep in. But I was a wreck by mid-afternoon yesterday and actually crashed out for a nap before dinner. I always figure if I'm falling asleep in my chair while trying to edit, I should probably at least get into a prone position.

This is the season for leaking roofs. Homes and
business will both be sporting buckets. It drives
me a bit crazy - I hate that constant dripping sound.

We checked out ceiling leaks in the shop and Jim's Dad's house yesterday, chopped a lot of sidewalk ice up to make them safer, and did a bit of grocery shopping. Before I left to do these varied errands I washed my computer keyboard. Over the top? No. The left Shift key was sticking and more times than not I wasn't getting the capital letter I needed. I'm not good with using the right Shift key, so washing time. I have a washable keyboard or I wouldn't try this, and amazingly enough, it worked. Shift key is now happy and I am also.

I had Dale add a washable keyboard to my computer when he
built it last year. I love the keyboard, and now it has proved
its worth. 

I finally was able to finish my B2MeM story last night. I'll post it today sometime for later reveal. I knew what I wanted when I accepted the prompt, but it was one of those stories that had to be dragged out of my mind, one word at a time. Argh! Fortunately after some serious editing, it even reads well. It's really silly how much time it took. Now to get back to editing for a couple of friends and writing my next LOTR Community assignment.

Spring cleaning - the best of intentions and the complete
lack of stamina is my usual difficulty. 

Spring to me always means spring cleaning. But since we'll still have cold temps for another month and the possibility of snow here and there too, I don't feel the need to dive right into it. But soon. My fingers are actually itching to dust, run the vacuum, and polish. Silly me!

My thoughts are a bit disjointed today...

I realize the post this morning is disjointed, but so it goes sometimes. Have a great Monday!

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