Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Loose Ends? - NOT!

It's strange but my life is like a vacuum - no sooner does it get emptied then it immediately gets filled again. I posted my B2MeM story into the master list last night. I'm not sure when it will be revealed by the moderators, but for those of you wanting to know, I'll be putting it into my standard archives (Fairie, AO3 and either SWG or MPTT -in this case MPTT) after it has been revealed. No sooner had I done this when I had my next drabble prompt waiting in my mailbox. I also have my LOTR Community Story for the month that I started work on yesterday. So two items for me to write as well as a necklace repair waiting for me to work on. I guess I'll have a full slate for a while.

Can't I just relax and wait for the plots to come to me? Clara Bow
looks wonderfully relaxed and cute in this pic. Unfortunately, I'm
not as cute or young as she was in this pic, so I guess I'll have to
sweat the plots out the hard way...

We have a showing request for my father-by-marriage's house on Wednesday. But we've been very carefully watching to make sure we didn't have more ceiling or attic leaks due to the ice dams. We've had a good melt over the past two days, but I'm not sure I can approve a showing request until next week. I'll have to ask DH if it will be something I can approve. They'll be phoning me for my approval later this morning and I hope I hear from DH before they contact me.

Ice dams can lead to ceiling leaks. We've kept a close eye on
any leaks and have caught them, and we also raked the snow off
the roofs each and every time it snowed. It was so labor
intensive, and we still ended up with a few small leaks *sigh*. 

I don't usually watch the popular vocal contest shows - American Idol and The Voice have never really attracted me. But my Public TV station switched its schedule and instead of Antiques Roadshow on Monday nights, it has something else that I have no interest in, so I've been watching The Voice instead. Last night, the final contestant, Josh Kaufman, on this episode of blind auditions sang George Michael's "One More Try", one of my favorite singers and songs of all time. And he totally NAILED it. Beautiful. All four judges turned for him as well they should have. I've always thought George Michael to be an incredibly sexy man and wonderful vocal talent. It was a joy to hear some of my favorite song again.

The judges for this phase of The Voice Season 6 are: Adam Levine, Usher,
Blake Shelton and Shakira. They play well off each other. 

A young duo from Oklahoma also just wowed me. Alaska and Madi worked together beautifully as they sand "Barton Hollow" and were polished and interlaced like long-time professionals. They ended up with Blake as their coach and I think they'll do very well with him as their guide.

Another contestant to watch (and on Team Blake) is Sisaundra Lewis. She
wowed all four judges with her amazing voice. As a former backup singer for
Celine Dion she has the professional skills and calm. It should be a good season. 

I'm getting sucked in to the show, darn it all. I've watched it three times now and I really like what I'm hearing. I realize that this is Season 6, so I've been way behind the loop, but anyone who can pull me away from my computer screen and writing to turn around and watch them sing is making an impact.

Tonight I'll be watching "Face Off" and eating some Ben & Jerry's
Core Ice Cream. I'm already looking forward to it :-)

Enjoy your Tuesday.

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