Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pictures Through Pantone's 2014 Spring Color Palette

I haven't done a photo blog for a while, and I'm tight on time, so it seems the perfect thing. A bit of background first. Pantone is a US company that works with designers and manufacturers world-wide to establish two palettes of colors each year - Spring and Fall. These are the colors you'll see in your clothing, as choices for paint and automobile colors, on the fashion runways, at weddings and in home furnishings. Decorators use these colors, and jewelers also use them which is why I pay attention to them. Here is the Spring 2014 Color Palette interpreted through photos for your enjoyment.

Here is the full range of Pantone Spring colors for your perusal. The
final lavender color at the right is their color of the year - Radiant Orchid. 

Placid Blue - relaxing, a step down from vivid, it pairs well
with other soft colors, yet isn't a true pastel. 

Violet Tulip reminds me of whipped cream and tulle, alexandrite gemstones, and
some shades of French lilacs. 

I'm not too fond of Hemlock, but on someone with different skin
tones than I have, it would look striking. In keeping with
the other colors so far, it also is a relaxing, stepped back color. 

Paloma is a neutral grey as kind as the dove it is named for. It has a
hint of lilac with a touch of blue and pairs really beautifully with
the Placid Blue at the beginning of the post. 

Sand - a great neutral beige with a touch of rose to brighten it. What's
not to like? I love this color a lot! 

Freesia - intense yet again, stepped back slightly. Lemon drops, rays of
sunshine, that warm yellow that I think of when sun hits a wall in a beach house. 

Cayenne has the spice of Latin salsa with an overtone of coral to
soften it up. It's a great color but won't be a good one for me
to wear. Someone with a dark skin tone will look totally AMAZING in
this color. 

A bit more heat, yet still not blazing, gets added to Celosia Orange. This
warm orange color really appeals to me. I'm not sure I could wear it, but
I'd like to try something on and see how it would look with my coloring. 

Dazzling Blue is not my favorite because it is very intense. It's
a Royal Blue with undertones of red and just doesn't really
work for me, although I usually love blues. I think I prefer
the Placid Blue we started the photos with today. 

If you've been anywhere near fashion or even a trendy store lately, you've
seen this color. Radiant Orchid is THE color of the year. Last year
we had Emerald, this year we have Radiant Orchid. It's a good thing
that I'm fond of the purple/lilac shades. Still, the various ombre
I'm seeing in the cake and on the skirt give me hope. 

So there you have it - a run through the Spring palette of Pantone finishing up with their Color of the Year that will move through both the Spring and Fall palettes. As we approach the Spring Equinox, it's time to look through your wardrobe and do some spring cleaning. Are there some shirts or slacks you need to replace? Here are colors for you. Or, maybe just pick up a light scarf or shawl to throw on for cooler summer days. If it's Radiant Orchid or any of the other colors, you'll be in the height of fashion. Have a fabulous Wednesday and don't forget to laugh - it's good for you.

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