Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Seasons in Pictures

I saw my first patch of green grass yesterday as I dropped mail off at the post office. A real patch of green nestled among the melting snowbanks! *sigh* Spring is truly coming and even though it is likely we will see more snow this season, I have hope that my neverending views of dirty snowbanks will melt away to green leaves, blue skies and flowers - lots of flowers. I'm in a mood to look at seasons in pictures today, so here are four wonderful pictures to help you celebrate the seasons, no matter where you live.

Spring is my second favorite season - a time of renewal, promise and growth. The
bright colors of flowers, the intense yellow greens of new growth. I adore
spring and look forward to it every year. 

Summer is heat, growth, mosquitoes and kids on vacation, lazy days, hot
nights and sun-baked foliage. Although I like summer, it's only
my third favorite season. 

My absolute favorite season of the year is autumn. The colors, the
harvest, and joy of sharing the bounty of the season with loved ones.
Even though winter will come soon, the beauty of autumn almost makes
up for the cold white still to come. 

Winter is beautiful, but my least favorite season. I suspect that when
I retire, my opinions on winter will change. As long as I don't have
to go to work through the snow and only have one property instead of
four to care for, I suspect I'll love winter. After all, firing up my kiln
in the winter is a wonderful, warming experience. 

No matter where you are in the world, you also have a seasonal calendar. Here's hoping that your weekend is perfect and that you always look for the beauty in every scene and person. Happy Saturday!

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