Friday, March 14, 2014

The Tax Man Commeth

Although personal income taxes aren't due for another month, corporate taxes are due on March 15th (pushed to the 17th because the 15th is a Saturday). I have to go on an insane amount of errands taking me all over the city from south to north before I open the shop today. What a mess. and I blame it all on taxes.

I wake up long before the sun rises, but I like my early, quiet time. 

Usually when I wake at my insane time of 3:15 am (yes - I do know that's ridiculously early) I have my mental schedule pretty nailed for the morning. It usually runs something like breakfast or coffee followed by opening the store with maybe a small in-between trip to the post office when they open, then back to the shop. Easy, peasy.

I usually walk to the drive-up tubes because I can't get turned into the
proper direction on the road outside the bank if I drive through. The traffic
is too heavy at this time of the day. But if I part in their little lot and walk up,
I can get to a stoplight easily to continue on my quest/errands. 

Sometimes I push one more thing into the schedule like a trip to the bank (30 minutes south of the shop) or the Chiropractor (30 minutes east) or my accountant (15 minutes north). Today is wonky and icky and crazy!

I love my local Caribou Coffee. I have several in easy reach, but
go to one slightly out of my way because I like the people who work
there so much. 

Today I will leave at my usual 6:00 am - 6:15 am and relax at my local coffee shop with my coffee and oatmeal until 7:15 or so. Then I will head south to the bank. From here, it will be 45 minutes to get there. Drop off the deposit - can't pay my tax bill if I don't deposit - then head back to the shop. I should be there around 8:00 am or so.

Traffic issues will totally mess with me! 

I'll turn on the equipment, drop off my laptop and get it turned on, and get things generally ready for the day. But I'll leave again - this time for the accountant's office. They don't open until 8:30 am and it will take me 20 minutes or so to get there.

Today is just intense - money going in just to go right back out *sigh*. 

I'll drop off their check and all of the signed forms I need to leave with them so they can file the taxes, then swing by the post office to mail notification to the Secretary of State with another check, and finally get back to the shop by 9:30 am - almost in time to open.


If I run into any traffic issues or other things - I'm totally SCREWED! Good Friday to everyone...

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