Monday, March 17, 2014

A Kick-back Weekend - Needed and Taken

I admit that my 'weekend' is actually just Sunday, but I've been working too hard and needed to take a break - so I did. I helped DH fix the gate at his father's house and we checked the other house to make sure the water was fine (a daily necessity) but then we were on our own.

I love Barnes & Noble although most of the books I buy these days
are NookBooks. 

DH suggested going to Barnes & Noble so we spent a pleasant hour looking at magazines, art books and cook books. We didn't end up with much for this trip - one magazine each. As we were heading to the car, he suggested Old Chicago for lunch/dinner which sounded great to me.

I love pizza at Old Chicago. So good!

A short time later found us sharing a small personal Meat Me pizza and a medium deep dish My Thai pizza with iced tea. The college basketball divisional finals to finalize placement for the NCAA tournament games were playing on the screens so at least we also had something fun to watch while eating our pizza.

I loved this game and it's still a lot of fun. Classic games
can be a great time sink, but sometimes play is necessary. 

Returning home he powered up Lord of the Rings Online and I decided to do a game that I love but that requires less thought - an oldie but goodie that I used to love - Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven. I remember spending a lot of time with this game in the late 1990's and recently had purchased it as a download from It took a bit of time to get a party together that I was comfortable with and to understand the keyboard commands once again, but by the time 9:00 pm came around (with time out for Amazing Race and some fruit for dinner) I had my commands back into my fingers and was in the middle of Goblinwatch killing goblins and giant rats. I have no idea how long I'll play the game this time, but it's fun to have it at my fingertips again and I can play it on any of my computers, so that's nice too.

The game starts out in the town of New Sorpigal. It's amazing how
far it goes and how much your characters grow in skill levels as
it progresses. Fun. 

I needed a break from writing for a day or two, so I extend apologies to those whose work I should have been editing, as well as those whose work I should have been reading. But - sometimes I need to play for a while to get my fun back. I promise I'll get back into text again soon...

Have an enjoyable and safe St Patrick's Day. We'll probably have snow
on our parade tonight *sigh*. 

Happy Monday and Happy St Patrick's Day to All!

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