Thursday, March 27, 2014

I Was Lazy (Kindof)

I admit, I was lazy on my Wednesday. Of course, that's relative since I had a long list of errands and accomplished them all. But I was home before 10:00 am, ran out once more to do my grocery shopping, and then was home doing laundry, and laundry, and one more load of laundry. In fact, I'm just finishing up my last load right now, at 5:00 am on Thursday, because I allowed one really dirty sweater to soak overnight and washed it earlier this morning.

When I have something really dirty, I rely on
OxiClean to get the stains and dirt out. I wear
my cardigan every day - my phone is a perfect
fit for the pocket. But it's a white sweater and gets
dirty quickly. An overnight soak followed by a
wash results in a pristine, white sweater for an hour
or so until I get it dirty again...

But lazy is a non-specific term. I didn't go onto my emails or Live Journal at all after my morning post. I needed a day away from the keyboard and writing and I allowed myself the opportunity to take it. So I'll be responding to your comments today and I'll catch up with yesterday's at the same time. I apologize if anyone needed an immediate response because you (quite obviously) didn't get it.

Sorry I didn't respond to emails or comments yesterday. I really needed
a day away from my social media and I'm much more refreshed today. 

I did revise my drabble for the week late last night, massaging and tearing it apart, then building it back together again. I'm almost happy with it and I'm only one word away from count, but I want to take another look at it tonight before I put it out there for my readers.

I often find that knocking a story down into its components'
and then rebuilding it creates a stronger, more cohesive tale. 

I had a totally FABULOUS conversation with Aearwen yesterday afternoon. I was actually so caught up with my workload that I was able to make a nice cup of tea and actually settle down with my phone and my tea for a wonderful talk about Tolkien's world view, his audience, his successful and lesser forays into world-building, his vocabulary, etc. Before we knew it an hour had gone by and we had to hang up and rejoin the world at large. My weekly talk with Aearwen is always one of the high points of my day off and always leaves me with a smile on my face and a bounce in my step. A shout out to her - a dear and treasured friend in words!

Some of my best friends are people I've never met in RL. Aearwen is
one of those really special people with whom I felt an immediate
connection. She's like the sister I never had. 

I played a bit of my computer game. It's crazy how much I'm still enjoying Might & Magic 6 - it's an ancient game and very dated in terms of keyboard commands, graphics, etc. But I remembered it as something I had loved and I still do. My DH insisted that I download it onto his computer also, and he's been playing it since. He's a bit more directed than I am (and has a lot more time off) so he's WAY farther in the game than I am, but he's also enjoying this visit back to our earlier days.

Might & Magic 6 has a huge world for the characters to roam
through. Each square has at least two major dungeons or caverns and
they are extensive. The game starts in the square on the bottom right. I'm
now one square to the left of that. I'm really slow......but it's FUN! 

I got a credit on my Barnes & Noble account as part of a large settlement about ebook pricing. It's not a large amount (considering the amount of ebooks I buy, I really think it should have been a larger amount, but I don't buy best-selling novels and those had the largest percentage of refunds). Still, it was quite nice to see that my two purchases this morning were covered by gift card. I'll probably blow through the credit in a week or two, but what fun!

Having the settlement money deposited directly into my Barnes & Noble account
was like Christmas in March! What a nice way to wake up this morning. 

Enjoy your Thursday. Make it a productive one so that you can relax a bit on Friday. *Hugs* to one and all!

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