Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Repair, Review and Revive

Our tax appointment went well. Although I started the day out with papers scattered all over the counters at the store, by the time I opened the doors most of them had been organized. By noon I was as ready as I was going to get, all of my bills had been paid for both the shop and my personal bills, and I was actually working the sales floor. Our appointment went very quickly later in the night and we were home in plenty of time to watch "Face Off" and the new show "Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge", which was excellent. Since I stayed up late to watch the Jim Henson show, I'm a bit of a zombie today.

Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge has ten contestants vying weekly for
a job with the iconic company. Each week one contestant will be eliminated.
It's a "Face-Off"-like format, but with a different focus and materials.
It was a great first episode and I'm looking forward to the rest of them. 

I have my "day off" today and I'll be doing my usual - errands, laundry, shopping and cooking dinner. I have to review a betaed chapter to return it to my friend and continue working on her next chapter, I have one very short drabble half-way complete, and I have a necklace repair sitting here on my desk. It's promised by the end of the month, so I'd better get going on it.

The necklace I'm restringing has multiple strands of pearls and tiny gemstones. The
gemstones keep wearing through the string (not uncommon), so we're switching
the stringing material and hopefully things will last longer this time. 

I really need a nap. I've only had about six hours of quality sleep in the last 48 and I'm questionably functional today. But it's the only day I have to get my errands done, I don't have any salad to eat and I miss my lettuce, and the trash and recycling bins aren't going to push themselves to the curb, so I have no choice. I have to actually motivate.

I'd love to indulge in an afternoon nap. 

I think I'll get some gas in the car and take advantage of a free car wash. My car is filthy from the winter/snow/salt/splash crud, and we're finally into temperatures where I won't be afraid of freezing my power windows so they won't be able to open or close.

I'm tired of winter and want it to go away!!!

The sun is getting stronger and stronger every day and even though we're still cold, the snow pack is starting to melt and I'm starting to feel hopeful that spring may finally be starting to move in. It's like taking the first box into a new dorm room. The room looks really empty and uninviting and putting the box onto the bare mattress seems like a commitment to an uncertain future. But once the box is joined by others, the bed is made and pictures are on the walls, it starts to feel like home and you're ready to take on the world. That's what spring in Minnesota is like. We just need more boxes in our dorm room before we'll really feel like Spring has moved in.

An empty dorm room has endless possibilities ahead of it. But it still needs
the other items to make it look lived in. We need our green leaves, our birds,
and our unfrozen lakes and streams to truly be ready for Spring. 

Have a wonderful and fabulous Wednesday. It's HUMP day!

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