Thursday, February 20, 2014

Winding Down and Deadlines

The Olympic Games are winding down. Great Britain's Women's Curling team just won the Bronze Medal in an exciting match against Switzerland that went down to the final stone. Bravo to Eve Muirhead and her team for a very well played nail-biting game. It was a real joy to watch.

Eve Muirhead played a brilliant game. She's a great skip.

At 11:00 am (Central Time) today, the USA Women's Hockey Team will take on Canada for the Gold Medal. These two teams have a long history of clashing in the finals. Last time the Canadians ended up on top. I'm hoping that this time the US might prevail. What I really enjoy about the women's hockey team is how many of them are either from or went to school in Minnesota. It's almost like cheering for the home-town team.

USA vs Canada Gold Medal for Women's Hockey is on the line today.

I finished my art piece for B2MeM yesterday afternoon and got it scanned and submitted. That's one deadline met and one more to go. My story is still being worked on but I really like where it's going and I have words to play with - I have an upper limit in mind and I'm not close to that yet. So I'll continue work on that.

What to write? What to write? It's always the quandary for any author.

I posted my latest LOTR Community Challenge story "The Box" to my usual archives yesterday. If you are interested, you can find it on Fairie, MPTT and AO3. If you need/want the link for any of my archives, Email me or message me and I'll get back to you with the info.

"The Box" is my latest work. At least this example is right-side up. 

I just finished the final chapter's beta for my friend in Germany and she forwarded her latest story to me this morning. Yippee! I really enjoy working with her. We've been working together now for more than three years and it's been a lot of fun.

It is in our nature to be competitive. But it is the mark of a true
competitor to honor those h/she competes against.

So as I start to finally catch up and the Olympics continue their final days, I'll be watching as many events as possible and trying to concentrate on the positive aspects of these Games. We live in a world of serious political conflict and different political viewpoints, but here, at Sochi for these few days, people from many nations have gathered together in commonality and have cheered for teams/athletes who weren't their own, marveled at skills by athletes unfamiliar to them before, and opened their hearts and minds to others in the stands and competition venues. To me this is proof that we can get along, when we come together as human beings instead of political representatives. It gives me hope.

Cheer for your team, but honor all who compete. 

Enjoy your Thursday!

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