Friday, February 21, 2014

Icky! Should I Declare a Snow Day?

It's really icky outside. Yesterday afternoon we got hit with a storm that decided to look at the Canadian border, look through its stormy pockets for a passport, and failing to find one, settled in for a long and frustrated tirade at the errors of political boundaries. In the meanwhile the storm was joined by others and before it moved off in the early hours of this morning, it had dumped almost a foot of snow on us. It's beautiful out, it's horrid out, and I'm very tempted to call a snow day. DH will be working on getting show shoveled and off the roofs of the houses for the entire day and he'll be a wreck by the time I finally get back home tonight. But if I declare a snow day I could help him shovel and things might be easier. I'm torn, but can't really make a decision until 6:00 am when I can start to snowblow and see how bad it really is.

At one point in the afternoon, the snowflakes were as large as quarters. 

I'm watching the Bronze Medal match in men's curling between Sweden and China and it's really an amazing game. They ended up with an extra end and it's looking good for Sweden. But China has the hammer, so it could go either way.

Yes, there are curling Lego figures. These depict the Swedish women's team,
but the men just won a Bronze Medal at the Sochi Olympics in a well-played
11-end game against China. 

I'm really tired and not looking forward to hitching up the dogs to the sled and mushing through the snow, so I'll call this quick and dirty today. Maybe I should declare a snow day after all...

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