Saturday, February 22, 2014

Aching Bodies and Aching Minds

It's Saturday, the Olympics are winding down, and for a change we're not getting snow. Poor DH worked on snowblowing, shoveling, and pulling snow from the roofs of two of the three houses yesterday. It took him more than 13 hours to get everything taken care of and he was in tears by the end of the day, his hands were so frozen. Even hours after he was home, the core of his body was still chilled. This isn't healthy for him and I'm super concerned about his health if we continue to have any more snowstorms of this level over the next two months of winter.

Our snow was almost this deep, but our blower doesn't clear quite
down to the concrete and we still need to shovel to make the driveway
really clean and clear. 

I have no idea or reason why I'm so sore today, but my muscles are complaining also. I shoveled yesterday, so I suppose that might have some bearing, but I didn't work nearly as hard as DH did, so I'm not so sure I have any excuse at all.

My lower back is really sore today. Thank goodness I have
my bi-weekly chiropractic appointment on Monday. 

I'm having a lot of difficulty focusing on getting tasks finished and Chickie leaves for vacation Sunday so I'll be working extra days and hours while she's gone. Work has been really, really slow which never makes me happy, and although it gives me time to catch up with busy work, that will get boring soon. Although I enjoy our customers for the most part, I do get crankier when I don't have Chickie around to talk with. But it's only a week and I get my revenge when I go to Bead & Button in June. She'll have a marvelous time and her vacation is certainly well deserved, so I shouldn't be selfish.

One of the places Chickie will go through is Sedona, Arizona. It's a
beautiful location, even if it is a bit too 'new age'. 

So as I move into the weekend, I'm hoping to have a house showing this afternoon (I'm hoping we actually get a buyer instead of just a looker one of these days soon) and we'll have to work on getting more snow down from roofs on Sunday when we can put my ladder into my car and carry it to the various places where we need it.

Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski have been two of the successes of these
Olympic games. Their daily skating coverage was fabulous, and we
all watched every day to see what coordinated outfits they would wear
for the day's broadcast. This coordinated outfit was for last night's
interview. What will they wear tonight for the Gala? 

Have a great weekend, everyone. Oh - and for those already experiencing Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinskii withdrawal, they will be the commentators for the skating gala tonight in Prime Time. I'll be watching, will you?

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