Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Thoughts on a Day Off

Sleep - I'm really tired, so I indulged in 45 extra minutes of sleep this morning. I'll catch my shower later in the am when I get home from my errands and gave myself permission to take my shower time and give it over to sleep instead. All in all - I think it was a good decision.

There's something about a grown-up man cuddling a teddy bear...

The Olympics - They're starting to wind down. Events are still going on in so many venues, and new winners and new records are being set daily, but the end is near. There are fun events - parallel slalom snowboarding, hockey quarter-finals, women's individual ice skating, and numerous others - still going on, and I plan to watch as many as I can. But the fact that the closing ceremonies will be held Sunday night has started entering my consciousness. I am always sorry to see the end to an Olympics, knowing that many of the athletes will return to nations where their lives will be wrapped up in politics and unrest.

Parallel slalom for snowboards is huge fun and I've really enjoyed it.

Kiev - Speaking of unrest, Ukraine is simmering and just short of coming to a boil. Protesters and riot police have both suffered casualties and the photographs coming out of the conflict are frightening. But things have to really get bad before people will be willing to stand up for a cause and put their lives on the line. All too often protests and loss of life seem necessary to achieve serious governmental changes throughout history. I hope that any loss of life will be minimal and that a more open and embracing government will be the result, but it's a very scary thing to witness. I know that many of my friends will have lived through similar events in their own countries and know much more first-hand than I, what sacrifices are involved in actions like this.

Protests in Kiev have escalated over the past week. 

Birthdays - I have a list of five friends who are owed birthday wishes. Between a repair, working on my B2MeM art piece, errands, laundry and talking with Aearwen this afternoon, I'm going to find the perfect pictures for belated birthday wishes for each one of you. The past week has been more than hectic and I am so very sorry that I have not been timely with my acknowledgement of these most important of days.

Cards will be found and posted!

Have a wonderful and productive Wednesday.

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