Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Beauty, Exhaustion and Snow

Beauty - the final freestyle program for the Ice Dancing competition at the Olympics was stunning, beautiful, and so very fun. Davis and White pulled off the first gold the US has ever received in this discipline, but it was a hard-fought battle between the US and Canada that has gone on for more than four years and encompassed two Olympics.

Meryl Davis and Charlie White succeeded where others have failed - they
won the gold medal in ice dancing for the US - the first time we've won it. 

 I was able to catch most of the competition at the shop and there were quite a few of the lesser-known competitors that had really nice programs with some innovative choreography. I was very impressed by Sara Hurtado and Adria Diaz skating for Spain. I hope to see more from them in the future. Their short program was fairly standard, but their long program, skated to "Surviving Picasso" was really marvelous. They have some more unusual lifts and moves like the one I have pictured below. They ended up in 13th place and I have hopes for their future as they continue training in Montreal, Canada.

Sara Hurtado and Adria Diaz skate for Spain, a nation that does not embrace
figure skating at all (or many winter sports altogether). I loved their
choreography. Some of their moves were like a breath of fresh air in a stuffy room. 

Staying up to watch the Olympics recap every night is cutting into my sleep and causing me to disintegrate. I look at myself and the bags under my eyes are carrying a full, matching set of luggage instead of an overnight case. Although I'm always sad to see the end of the Games, I'm going to be really happy to see this one end, just to catch up on some sleep.

I'm tired enough to fall asleep right like this little one. *sigh*

And finally, apologies to my friends on the East Coast who are, once again, getting a storm that we had tested out first. We got about six inches of snow dumped on us yesterday, but I noticed that it's going to be hitting the Northeast today and you have had quite enough snow already this year.

Napping is even better with a warm and fuzzy friend.

I just want to find a nice, dark cave to curl up in for a day or two of sleep, but no chance of being able to do that anytime in the foreseeable future. So, have a magnificent Tuesday.

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