Monday, February 17, 2014

I'll Try to Catch Up - Really I Will

I'm behind. I'm behind thanking people for the lovely Valentines greetings and cards that they sent in cyber and physical manner. I'm behind on wishing Happy Birthday greetings to several of my on-line f-list friends (SO SORRY), and I'm behind on sleep, but that's just me being me. As we enter this final week of the Olympic Games, I'm really grateful that the end is in sight because I need my routine to get back to "normal" once again.

On Sunday night the torch of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games will be snuffed
and the world will come together again in 2016 in Rio de Janero, Brazil for
the Summer Games and in PyeongChang, Korea in 2018 for the next Winter Games.

Of course that won't really happen because Chickie will be on vacation for the last week of February and beginning of March and I'll have to work for her, but stopping by to feed her cat and working a six-day week is suddenly sounding OK, compared to being glued to the TV too late in the evenings, and waking up to watch curling instead of turning on the news. But I do love the Games and I'll be sad to see the closing ceremonies on Sunday night.

For some strange reason, Chickie's cat seems to
want to be fed daily. But Sasha and I have an understanding.
I take care of her food and clean her litter box and she
doesn't hiss at me. If she does, I hiss back. 

My Sunday yesterday was spent with my artwork. I knew we'd have the games on for the day between his hockey and my figure skating, so rather than work on fiction, it was easier to continue working on my artwork for B2MeM. It's coming along well, but I have to make some serious decisions now to allow me to finish it up. I worked on it for several hours while watching the Ice Dancing Short Programs and I'm pretty happy about where it is at now. It goes back to the shop with me today in hopes that I can continue working on it either this morning or tomorrow morning, then home again to work on it on Wednesday. If things go smoothly, I'll be done by deadline and won't have to ask for any extension.

If you're unhappy with your life, type a new masterpiece. 

The US has had its usual luck in curling. The women's team conceded a match to Korea this morning, ending their Olympic games with a 1-9 record in round robin and last place. Way to go, women's curling team! Oy! The thing is, we were horrid four years ago and we're just a horrid now. Two of the four women on the team are retiring from the sport now, so maybe we can hold out hope for 2018. But I won't hold my breath. I still love watching curling, and whoever wins, good for them.

Great Britain has good curling teams. I love the women's skip, Eve Muirhead. She's
a really competent skip, and a very attractive young woman. 

We're going to get a 4"-6" snow this morning, hitting right at the morning commute. Looking at the weather satellite pic on my phone, we will miss a lot of it, but can't manage to miss it entirely. I hope we don't get as much as they are predicting, but who can say? All I know is that many more of these may well kill my poor DH. I join my thoughts with so many others of you - "Winter has gone long enough. Time for some mild weather."

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