Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Photo Blog Today - Princesses

Wednesdays are normally my day off, but Chickie is wandering Arizona on vacation this week and I have to work today. So, no time to shop or do errands, no time to bake chicken breasts for dinner, and no time to do laundry or talk with Aearwen. I still have to get my trash and recycling to the curb this morning, I have a load of laundry in the dryer right now, and I have to get my blog post completed. I think I need a break today, so I'll do a photo blog for all of us to enjoy today.

Princess Merida is much more my idea of a perfect princess. Determined,
athletic, and confident, she's a character with dimension and more
than just a political position. 

I was raised to be a princess. As an only child and spoiled (thank goodness my parents didn't have a lot of money so I couldn't be TOO spoiled), I was still considered to be the princess of the family. Silly, really. Who wants to be a princess? Too much work looking good and not enough challenge in daily life. Here are some princesses to look at with one at the end who is a bit closer to my ideal.

Since 1937, Disney has shaped the visual image of what a Princess
should look like and act like. No minority races existed in
Disney princesses until 1995's Pocahontas. 

Disney has shaped our ideas of what a princess should be like since the days when I was a small child. It's impossible to have matured as a female over the past 60+ years and not have Disney princess ideals thrown at you from every side.

Princess Aurora was the princess I grew up with. She was placed before
me as my ideal. I fell short in every area, except my eyes were vivid blue. But
my hair was dirty blonde and I didn't have the fancy clothes or good singing voice. 

I was already grown by the time Princess Ariel came on the scene. I haven't seen
the movie nor do I want to. The thing that drives me crazy about Princess Ariel is
how her hair seems to respond to gravity even though she's living in the ocean.
What's up with that? 

Princess Jasmine was a bit more pro-active, although not up to Princess Merida's
standards (above), but at least princesses were able to work for their own
improvement and have some adventures without just waiting for their prince to come
and rescue them. 

But if I were to be a princess, I'd rather be this warrior. She's
Princess Elencia of Crimea and she's bad-ass. Yeah - this is
much more my type of princess. 

Now to bundle up and grit my teeth while going out into -10 F degree temps (-20 F with wind chill). I think I really need my coffee today. FRIGID! I hope your day is warmer and that you are always promoting the princess or prince within you.

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