Thursday, February 27, 2014

Accomplishments and...and...

So I had to work on my Wednesday. That eliminated any possibility of doing my normal chores so Tuesday night I washed two loads of clothing (washed and dried one, rinsed and dried the second at 4 am the next morning) and Wednesday night I repeated the process for the linens - towels and sheets. I just finished pulling the final load out of the dryer. Ummmmm...warm and clean towels on a cold morning is a wonderful perk to a messed-up schedule.

There's something so fresh about clean, dry laundry.

Windows did an overnight update that screwed up my screen gadgets. Suddenly I don't have my screen clock and temperature mini-screen as well as my CPU usage graph. I'm NOT happy. I'll have to restart the computer and see if they come back after I'm finished with this blog.

I really don't like Windows updates *sigh*

The Minneapolis Home and Garden Show begins today. The concept of indoor garden displays, remodeling ideas and general color and warmth really appeals to DH and me, so we'll be going on Sunday. I was able to score a serious reduction in ticket cost through an online deal so I'm saving more than 60% on admission which will more than pay for my parking fees. I'll have to remember to bring a notebook to take notes about what we like and don't like.

DH said if we hadn't already had tickets to the Home and
Garden Show, he'd go to the Conservatory. We really need
a reminder that growing things and warm temperatures exist! 

I keep looking ahead to my retirement (which will happen at some point - I'm quite determined) and what I want to do. I want to write, work on my art, and travel and I want to do the larger travel while I'm still healthy enough to enjoy the trip. That means it will be my one-time opportunity to get to Europe and see lots of fabulous places, hopefully meeting up with some equally fabulous people and friends. One minute DH is planning an itinerary, the next he's not going anywhere. It will be interesting to see what will actually happen once we actually are able to plan seriously in a few years.

One nice way to travel through Europe might be on a river cruise. Since we
want to go to Florence, Venice, Vienna, Prague, Paris and other places, (or
at least I want to travel there - LOL) taking the river might be a really comfortable
way to travel from place to place. 

Despite the lack of my screen temperature icon, I know it's still frigid outdoors. But coffee is calling my name and I'm looking forward to my morning coffee and oatmeal. It might be a boring breakfast to some of you, but I absolutely love settling down with my computer, writing or reading, and having a nice, warm breakfast. I hope you have a totally fabulous Thursday.

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