Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A List of Tasks & A Book Recommendation

Sometimes listing out my tasks can motivate me to actually get going on them - or not. I'm in a 'meh' period right now. I suppose it's a combination of the continuing never-ending winter, the fact that I have to work for the next eight out of nine days, and numerous other little things that all build up to a great big "I don't really give a darn about much of anything right now" attitude. It's an attitude that I have to get rid of, and quickly. I've learned over many years that either I recover my general positive attitude and 'go get it' attitude or I fall into a black depression. Depression for me is a very bad thing and I'll do almost anything to avoid it.

I have stories to write that are just sitting there, laughing at me. My BeMeM story is 60%+ complete and isn't due until the 12th, but I really need to wrap it up. My art piece is complete, but I submitted it incorrectly and need to try once more - it won't take a long time to do that, but for some reason I just can't motivate myself to do it. I just got my new drabble prompt yesterday and I'm drawing a blank, and I have a repair waiting for me here on my desk (I really need the extra money I get for repairs) and I'm just looking at it even though I told her I would probably have it done by Wednesday. Not even to mention my O-fic.

What to do? What to do? I'm just not feeling it...

What have I been doing with myself instead of writing and art and repair work? I've been reading. Most of what I've been reading has been OK, although I did drop one book out of my list after 100+ pages still couldn't get me involved enough in the characters and where the story was heading to want to plod along with the characters any longer. BUT...I DO HAVE ONE GREAT BOOK RECOMMENDATION FOR YOU! (Yes, the caps are necessary - the book is that good.)

The short list of books we've read that change our lives
is always expanding, but sometimes books drop off the
list also. The Fault in Our Stars has just been added to my list. 

Yesterday I read "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green, available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon and your local stores in hardcover, paperback and e-book. It will be released as a movie in June. After finishing the book (have some tissues ready, it's a weeper at the end) I just can't understand how they will adequately make a movie of it, but I'll probably have to see it just because the book was so excellent. I'll be reading this one again, and I think I'll hunt up other books by this author also.

There are so many great phrases in "The Fault in Our Stars". These are
just a few. 

Maybe one reason why I'm a bit in a 'meh' mood today isn't just the cold weather (which seems never-ending) or the fact that I feel like I'm running in place and getting nowhere. Rather it might be tied to the fact that I'm not writing up to my personal standard. I spend a lot of time wondering about whether my novels are worth more of my time or whether they should be shut up in a virtual desk drawer while I move on to other projects. It wouldn't be the first or last novel that's been shelved for a variety of reasons. But I'm just not feeling it - as much as I love my characters and their individual stories, they are swirling apart from each other at warp speed. It might be better to resurrect them in different times/formats and let "A Face in the Window" die a quiet death.

I'm seriously thinking about shelving my novel and working on
a different one that I started last year instead. 

In any case, read something wonderful today and enjoy your Tuesday. Hopefully yours will be warmer than mine will be (shivering as I face another cold day *sigh*).

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