Thursday, February 13, 2014

Argh - OK, Getting On With Things Now

Argh! Wednesday was SO busy. Even though I was organized, I still didn't get enough time to work on my artwork for B2MeM. I did get the final block-outs done, picked up the one additional Pan Pastel color I was lacking for it, and decided how much pass-through I'm really going to do from the elements I've chosen to make up the piece, but not a single swipe of color made it to the paper yet. I'll be taking a bag of my pastels and colored pencils to work with me today and hope to at least make a start on the coloring this morning before I have to unlock my doors.

Pan Pastels are applied with specific foam applicators. They allow the color to
be put onto many different kinds of paper. My pic is on smooth paper, but
the application technique would work equally well on a heavily-toothed
watercolor paper. 

I know that Sunday DH will be tied up watching the Olympics. Checking the schedule, there will be curling, ice hockey, some figure skating, snow boarding, and other things that will keep him occupied. That may leave me some more time to color my piece, although I always find it very difficult to work on my projects when sharing a room with him. I'll have to figure something out, though. I have a firm deadline and I also want to watch as many events as possible.

There are 80 colors in the full system plus some metallic additions that they
just introduced. I have 50 of the colors that I've been getting one pan
at a time as I needed them or had an extra $5.50. I love working with them.

On the home front, of the last two showings, one needed a larger home although they really liked ours, the other supposedly smelled gas so she turned on every light and left the house. What's up with that?!? What a doofus! I was there to close things back down after her visit and I didn't smell any gas. She complained to my Realtor, though, so I had DH check the house out also on his way home from work. Everything was fine, so I think the agent was totally imagining things. However - when you smell gas, you're supposed to leave. Just turning on a light can ignite the gas. So her turning on every light and then leaving them on ... how stupid!

Maybe the agent should carry one of these with her so
that she won't bother all of us with her fears. What a pain!

My grocer had a lovely sale on strawberries yesterday, so I indulged and bought several containers. That'll be my lunch for the next week. Strawberries and soup - nice lunch staying within the letter S. I should be teaching small children some of the various words that start with the letter S - LOL.

I've been loving the snow boarding events. I suspect I would have been much more likely to enjoy snow sports with a snowboard than I ever did with skis. I was always a poor skier but a very good figure skater. I felt that skis were too long and just couldn't handle them. But I loved skateboarding and I'm pretty sure I would have been really good on snowboards. Of course, they didn't exist when I was hitting the slopes of Colorado. At least I do have the bragging rights that I learned on some of the most beautiful mountains of Colorado - the mountains around Aspen. My home of the heart.

I think I would have really enjoyed snowboarding - certainly much more
than I enjoyed downhill skiing. 

I hope those of you getting hit by storms are battened down and safe. You've really been getting pounded this winter. Warm hugs to all of you.

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