Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Day Off Doesn't Mean Day of Relaxation

As usual, my 'day off' is packed with projects and errands, but very high on my list is working on the artwork I promised for B2MeM. I already blocked most of it out in early mornings at the shop on Monday and Tuesday and need to finish the blocking and start the color work today. I'm giving myself today and next week to get this nailed. I love my concept, but it's a bit more ambitious than I've been in my artwork lately - lots of complex elements. If it turns out, I'll be really pleased. If it doesn't, I will at least have done my best. I have a lot of detail work in this, so care and caution are my keywords for success.

After years of painting on metal 20mm miniature statutes, I have a large selection of
extremely small 0, 00 and 000 brushes I can use for the detail work. I don't want to
color the entire piece using mini brushes, though. I have a life! LOL

I also need to finish my story for B2MeM, do some beta work for my ever-patient friend Iris, I have a bracelet repair for a customer sitting in front of me reminding me that I could use the money I'll get for it, and of course I have a long list of errands, grocery and office supply shopping, and my Wednesday afternoon chat with Aearwen that we had to cancel last week because of my frozen pipes issue. Oh - and there's something on the TV called the Olympics that I want to watch AND I have to check my father-by-marriage's house after an afternoon showing and make sure the doors are locked, lights are off and the water is running to keep pipes from freezing.

Grocery shopping at my neighborhood store can go quite quickly. I know
the layout, I know what's on sale, and I know what I want to get. East peasy...

Rumor has it that we'll get at least one written offer for the house by the end of the week. I know this person has seen the house twice already. I just hope that it is a reasonable amount - we do have some expectations of what we're willing to accept and we'll take a deduction from the asking price, but not as low as some of the real estate agents have suggested in their comments when they have viewed the place.

I want one of these signs across the "For Sale" sign in front of my father-by-marriage's
house. I want one less property that we have to worry about. We've worked ourselves
too hard maintaining all of these houses through this harsh winter. 

The kicker is, the house is out of date within the confines of current fashion, but the bones of the house are really good. It could be moved into and lived in just as it is, but personally, I'd be tearing everything down, leaving the exterior walls, and starting from scratch - a lot of work and money. So if someone comes in with a low offer, I understand where they are coming from. Then could be used just the way it is, so scrapping the design is a fashion decision. We won't offer dollars off the purchase price for a fashion decision.

Remodeling a house can be messy and expensive, but if nobody lives in
the house yet, it's a lot easier. 

By the end of the day I'll have baked chicken breasts to eat, strawberries in my refrigerator, and hopefully some color laid down on my artwork. If so, I'll consider it a successful day. Have a fabulous Wednesday.

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