Friday, February 14, 2014

Riches Galore - A Princess and the Kings of the Ice

A friend sent me the following link about a "princess" who had been cremated and her cremains buried in a stone tomb in Dartmoor. The jewelry that was found with her remains was marvelous and the quality of the basket that held the jewels was beautifully woven. I just thought I'd share this as a nice way to start your Friday.

The bracelet was studded with tin and woven from cowhair. It looks
as lovely now as it would have 4000 years ago when it would have
sparkled as the tin caught the sun. And it is such a lovely open weave. 

Yesterday's events from the Sochi Olympics were the start of a new era in men's figure skating along with the end of an historic career. Evgeni Plushenko withdrew from competition citing medical reasons just before he was scheduled to skate his short program. The multiple award winner and king of the ice looked old and in pain as he left the ice. In a later interview he stated he had wanted to try, despite pain after staking in the team competition earlier in the week, but that his back just wouldn't allow him to continue. Apparently after one triple jump, he could no longer feel his legs properly to chance any additional jumps. Of course, at this level, skaters are really speeding around the ice and jumps require both speed and power to achieve triple and quadruple rotations correctly. But I'll miss seeing him skate. He was always a total joy to watch and a master of the ice. I'm glad I had the chance to see him skate the short and freestyle programs for the team competition. They ended up being his last competitive performances.

Evgeni Plushenko usually owns whatever ice he's on, but the ice has finally
claimed its own and his competitive career is now over. It's the end of an era. 

The king is gone and the throne is now open. Vying for that throne is one of the most exciting skaters it has been my pleasure to watch for many years - Yuzuru Hanyu from Japan. I've watched him skate his short program twice now. The first time was breathtaking, and the second time was perfection. What a skater! I will happily lose sleep to watch him on the ice, he's phenomenal.

Yuzuru Hanyu from Japan skated a flawless short program and was awarded
the highest point count ever awarded in competition since the new scoring
system came into use more than six years ago. With a 101.45 score, the
gold medal is his to lose.

So at this point, the men's competition is heating up for the finals today and I can hardly wait. Although the women are considered to be the stars of the ice, I've always been a fan of the men and their marvelous jumps and artistry. Come to think of it, I also love the men more than the women in ballet, even though it is the Prima Ballerina who supposedly is the star of the show. Guess I just can't resist a beautiful guy.

Terry Gannon, Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir are giving the best skating
commentary I've heard in many years and starting every day out wondering
what Johnny and Tara will wear today has been a lot of fun too. Here, Johnny
sports pink Chanel and both are visions in pink with beaded necklaces. 

So, while I'm talking about beautiful guys, I have to say that I am TOTALLY chuffed by the new commentary pair of Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir. Together with Terry Gannon, the three have been performing the BEST commentary on skating I've heard in many years. I really hope that NBC is getting a very clear message from the fans, because everyone I've talked to is extremely impressed by the unique interplay, the depth of knowledge, and how easily they intersperse instruction and humor to discuss the performances. They don't talk down to their audience, but they aren't boring and dry either. I approve of them SO much. They're doing a marvelous job!

How about a sweet fried taco dusted with cinnamon and sugar, filled with ice
cream on top of a thin sheet of dark chocolate and topped with a strawberry?
I could definitely go for this.

And that's it for this Valentine's Day. I hope all of you have a wonderful day that isn't filled with angst, but instead with cuddles and sweetness (and maybe a nice meal and a piece of your favorite dessert). I'll be watching the men's freestyle skating for the second time today and I'll be happy, happy.


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