Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Stuff and Such

To start, on-demand came through and DH and I watched Sherlock, S3,E1 last night - The Empty Hearse. It was good. I liked it. Actually both of us liked it. I really like Mary - she's a perfect foil, and I loved who Molly ended up with - very funny. No spoilers here, just a recommendation to see it if you haven't. It's not the strongest episode they've ever had (an "off switch"? Really?) But, it was entertaining and it was fun to see Freeman and Cumberbatch in their familiar roles once again. All in all, it was lots of fun. I look forward to the rest of the episodes and I'm sure I'll buy the DVD when it becomes available.

Sherlock, Mary and John. I really like Mary - she's absolutely perfect
for this dynamic and she's a strong character in her own right. 

I am almost finished with my LOTR Community story and I have a good start on my B2MeM story, but for some reason my drabble for TW isn't jumping out at me. Hopefully something will come to me at the shop today, but right now I'm spinning my wheels on what should have been an easy prompt.

Sugar is the prompt this week for the drabble, and all I can
think of is that insipid song "A Spoonful of Sugar Makes
the Medicine Go Down" from Mary Poppins. That's NOT working
in with the rest of the prompts for this series. I have to make
something work out! 

We're back into the deep freeze today, so I'm bundling up and I am already planning my day because scheduling today is necessary. I have a dental checkup this morning, so that means a late meal *sigh* and no coffee *SIGH*. I'm totally non-functional in the morning without my coffee so this is serious! They always put this gunk on my teeth at the dentist to help convince cavities to leave me alone and find an easier target, but I can't drink anything hot for four hours after it is applied. ACK! I'll have to buy fancy coffee from the coffee shop next door once I can have a hot beverage, and I really don't like their coffee very much. It is an extreme sacrifice - all for the sake of clean teeth and keeping my own for as long as I possibly can (which so far seems to be working, so I really shouldn't complain).

How much caffeine is in your coffee? Check the chart to find out. 

I've been reading through Dan Brown's "Inferno" on my NookColor. I know that lots of people don't like him as an author, but lots of people obviously do because he's madly successful. I have always enjoyed his style of writing. I usually listen to him on audio, but the e-book was offered on special for a very good price so I bought it. I'm liking it. It's the usual fun mix of plot interwoven with history and art that make his books really live for me. I keep wishing I had a second screen open to reference a visual on so many of the places and the pieces of art he is describing. His books are like getting a wonderful tour of different places in Italy. "Inferno" gives the reader great background and art for both Florence and Venice - it's hard to beat that!

The top of St Mark's Cathedral in Venice features a statue of
St Mark atop the winged lion with his paw on an open
book and a blue background with gold stars. The winged
lion is the symbol of Venice and you'll find it all over the islands.

So, as I go out into the cold, I'll be looking forward to a day during which I might be able to get some more writing done, some times when I'll certainly read some more, and a span of time during which I'll be going crazy until I can have some coffee. What's your day going to be like? Surely you can have your tea or coffee sooner that I'll be able to? Happy Tuesday!

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