Wednesday, January 22, 2014

More Snow and Warm Thoughts

My sympathies to my friends on the East Coast. While we only got 1-2 inches of snow overnight (which will have me shoveling for a few hours this morning), some of you out East got many more inches than that. The Federal Government closed down because of the weather. Of course, I'm waiting on some forms from the IRS which may have been delayed by the snow out east. I'm not really looking forward to digging out this morning, but all of you have it so much worse than I do. I extend my sympathies to all of my friends who have been affected by the snow.

Let's start our warm pictures with a shot of Curacoa in August. Beautiful
water, warm sands, and maybe even a beautiful cabana boy with a
drink featuring a little umbrella. Oh yeah!

It's my day off today and that means laundry, housecleaning, some writing and store repairs. I have two repairs sitting ready for me to dive in. One of them will actually require my use of my glass saw. This is rather kewl because I haven't used it for many months, so I will have to re-learn how to use it, in essence. And I love equipment, so even though it's a silly repair, it will still be fun.

The contrast between the beautiful ocean and the surrounding desert
is one of many attractions to the Baja of Mexico. The resorts in this area
cater to their clientele with above-average service and amazing memories can be yours.
I'm still looking for that cabana boy, though...

Our temps will be falling all day (oh joy!), so I'm grabbing my shoveling first thing this morning. Although the thermometer is reading 6 F, the wind chills are well below zero. We're into the cold temps until Friday when we'll get one warmer day before dropping down again. *sigh* This is really becoming boring!

I don't know where this beach is located, but if you offer me a ticket there,
I'll find out for you. I'll even review the amenities.
Still not seeing a cabana boy, though...

Roads are icy over much of the nation today, so drive very carefully.

Guess I'm not the only one looking for the cabana boy...

I think I need thoughts of warmth today, so I'm choosing pictures of warm things for all of us stuck with snow and cold today. Enjoy your Wednesday!

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Pam said...

You need a Vacation, Girly! One where you don't have to do anything except eat and breathe! You and I should go to Mazatlan or Atlantis and pretend we are the cat - stretching out on a deck chair in the sun and finding that cabana boy!