Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Second Verse, Same As the First

Remember when I told you that water problems just follow my DH around? Yesterday the kitchen sink was draining very slowly and I also needed to register for my Bead & Button classes (which was successful and I now have my classes and my hotel). DH decided to try and snake out the drain and found corroded pipes and all sorts of problems. *sigh*

This lovely picture of corroded metal pipes looks almost
like abstract art.

So we had no kitchen sink yesterday, and Jack, our plumber, will be coming by this morning to see what he can do to get us back into business again. I'm beginning to think he'll name a child after us, we're talking so much lately.

By this time Jack and I are on a first-name, friendly basis. *sigh*

But that led to discussions about remodeling, and we made the decision to go ahead and get the kitchen remodel that we've talked about for years started. This will be a mess, and expensive. Step one is finding a reliable kitchen contractor and seeing what they can do for us. We do need something. The kitchen we have now may have been fine in 1960, but it is massively outdated now. After spending more than an hour looking through recommendations and reviews on Angie's List, I think I came up with someone who might work well for us so I'll phone them within a day or two and try to get an appointment set up. I'm not going to look this gift horse in the mouth - no sir!

My kitchen is tiny - much smaller than this. We need a new sink, countertops,
the cabinets need to be replaced or refinished and we need a new oven, an
over-the-stove top microwave and new flooring. Oh - and a new dishwasher
(I haven't had one for so long, I've forgotten that I need to replace the
broken one). This will be a real job and a real mess, but could end up beautiful.

It's still cold - although not as cold as Monday, and since the plumber is coming, I'll have to work for at least the morning at the shop which seriously cuts into my day off. But, if I have a functional kitchen sink again after all is said and done, I'll be fine with the sacrifice (and I might push for tomorrow off as pay-back).

It's too cold for pets to be outside for any length of time. Please keep
your pets indoors as much as possible. Remember, they are also members
of your family and they depend on your care.

Try to stay warm, and those of my friends in Europe who are getting pounded with storms, please try to stay safe. Have an excellent Wednesday.

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