Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Summer Dreams in the Deep Freeze

While we're still in the deep freeze (and my house seems to be hovering around 63 F - cold but tolerable), I'll be thinking about June today. I'll get things opened at the shop, but then come back to my house to register for Bead & Button Show classes at noon.

Andy Cooperman's Master Class is entitled
"Personal Projects in Zengineering". It would
have been a fun and challenging course to
take, but I'll take other fun things instead.

This has been a year of debate. Originally I was going to attend a Master Class with Andy Cooperman while my friend Shruti from India took Celie Fago's metal clay Master Class. But she told me a few months ago that she wouldn't be able to attend this coming year after all, so I pulled my registration application from Andy's class and decided I would go to Colorado to do some on-site research for my novel instead. However...DH encouraged me to rethink that decision. So I opened the catalog of classes and finally narrowed it down to several classes I found interesting. I guess I'm going to Milwaukee for Bead & Button Show after all, just for a shorter period of time.

One of the classes I really want to take is a soutache cord
and beads class by Amee K Sweet-McNamara. We sell
the cord at the shop and I'd like a better idea about
how to use it effectively 

Class registration opens at noon today and, as usual, I'll be at my computer ready to get the four classes I have decided upon. The classes don't come without a serious financial commitment, and I still have to make my hotel reservations which I will also need to get nailed down as soon as I have my classes nailed. It's been nice having a low amount on my Discover card, but that won't be the case when I go to sleep tonight.

This Kandinsky painting is from 1923. I love the interplay of shape and color
that all joins together in a balanced, beautiful whole. I know that abstract
art isn't for everyone, and there are artists whose work I don't like, but
Wassily Kandinsky was a master and I adore his work.  Maybe
I'll go on Sunday for a short time before driving back home. 

I'm torn about my Thursday schedule. I will hopefully have a class on Thursday that will keep me busy until after 3:00 pm and the Preview Shopping Night opens at 4:00 pm through 9:00 pm. BUT, there is an exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum that opens on Thursday on Kandinsky and the only night they are open late when I can get over there to see the exhibit would be Thursday night when they are open until 8:00 pm. I'm torn. I have Wednesday off from classes, but the Kandinsky exhibit doesn't open until Thursday and that's what I would really like to see.

This picture is of the San Juan mountains in southern Colorado. Although
I'm featuring mountains a bit farther north in my novel, I love this area
of Colorado. 

One way or another, my early summer will be scheduled by the end of today and I'll have four classes to look forward to taking. That'll be fun, at least, and the rest of the schedule will all work its way out. I hope to still make it to Colorado at some point during the year to spend several days at the Historical Center and take a few days of driving in the mountains to examine routes, mountain peaks, and towns that appear in my novel. I'd also love to see my cousin who moved back home to Colorado from California last summer. But that's all still in the air. Today I concentrate on playtime.

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