Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Day Off is a Day Treasured

I ended up switching days off because of yesterday's plumbing problems. I now have new traps and a new garbage disposal as well as clean pipes and a much better sense of where my pipes lead to in my crazy, custom house. The disposal purrs like a happy kitten. Call me happy.

It's a beautiful garbage disposal and hey, Sharon, it's called
a "Badger". I had to laugh when DH told me that, and thought
of you immediately! 

But I had to work all day yesterday, and Wednesdays are normally my day off. So I'm taking today off instead and I'm looking forward to doing several things including the usual - laundry and housecleaning. BUT I'll finally be able to have a nice schmooze with Aearwen. Our holiday schedules just didn't mesh well and we haven't had a chance to chat since before Solstice! I miss my weekly conversations.

These Butterscotch Eggnog stars actually have melted
butterscotch candy as the center panes surrounded by
an eggnog-based sugar cookie star. I've been wanting
to make these since I first saw the recipe. 

I'm also hoping to have a chance to bake some cookies. I don't need the calories, but I do need to make the cookies. There are two I want to make - Butterscotch Eggnog Stars and Lemon Angel Wings. I'm still looking for the more crystallized sugar for the Angel Wings, but I have everything else that I need for these and I have a cold house that would benefit from a used oven.

The rolled-up lemon angel wings are a dough that
needs to be refrigerated for an hour before cutting and
rolling them into these sweet wings. I love lemon, so
I know I'll love these. 

So my goal today is to do my errands early, talk with Aearwen at noon (my time), do four loads of laundry which should do nicely to help warm my house while the dryer is running, and finally bake cookies and maybe some dinner. All in all, a very home-centered day. And that's not a bad thing at all.

I don't play Susie Homemaker very often. This will be a new
experience - LOL. 

Have a fabulous Thursday!

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