Monday, December 23, 2013

Two More Days...

I'm still buying holiday gifts, although they won't arrive until after Christmas. The wonderful thing about holidays is that they extend past the day into memory. Because of that, they can be celebrated long after the actual date. After all, I celebrated my 50th birthday for a full year (and had a blast doing so). So having a few holiday gifts arrive after the holiday isn't horrible.

I ordered an umbra credit card case
for DH. He has always loved mine
and I thought he might enjoy something
better than a pocket of misc papers, bills
and cards. 

DH's birthday is the 26th which creates all sorts of problems for us. It is next to impossible to get him a good cake because everything has to be made several days ahead of time before the bakery is closed for Christmas. I could bake one, but I'm only off on Christmas Day and the day after, starts our final sale of the year. It's BUSY BUSY BUSY for several days until our sale is over. So time isn't on my side.

He likes white cake with white frosting. Actually pretty
easy and non-fancy. Any other date would be easier, though.

But I ordered one more gift for him this morning based on something he expressed to me yesterday. I hope he'll like it, even though it won't arrive until after the date.

Coupons, when issued for things you use and used in
a timely way can help save some good money!

We picked up our ham and holiday pies yesterday. Yum! Couldn't resist digging right into that beautiful ham. It was good that I waited, although I had a $5 off coupon, they had emailed me a $10 off coupon only a couple of days before so I was able to take advantage of a bigger savings. And DH paid for the pies - SCORE!

I'm hoping all of my cards will be safely delivered
by the end of the week. But they were all mailed on time
and that's always my annual goal :-)

This week will be hectic, but I'll still be writing and posting most days, if not all on my usual schedule. Those of my friends who are overseas should start getting your Solstice Cards this week, I assume. All of my US friends received theirs by the date, which really astounds me (and makes me very happy).

We'll all be going a bit crazy on Thursday through Saturday
for our 3-Day sale, but it's super important to our bottom
line and brings in a LOT of people. I'll have two days
to relax a bit now before the pandemonium begins. 

Have a great Monday, and enjoy these last two days of shopping madness. In fact, if you're in my part of the world, come in, look at pretty and shiny beads, and get something for your own after-Christmas relaxing time.

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