Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Blessed Turning of the Wheel

The Wheel turns today, Solstice comes at 11:11 am Central Standard Time (US) and we then are climbing back up to more sunshine, heat, and humidity. I'm doing one more photo blog today to celebrate the joy and beauty of the season.

This lovely wooden rendition of the turning of the wheel starts us off. 

This hay bale with a sunrise is a natural reminder of the wheel in our daily life.

I really like this version of the Wheel of the Year. The plants in each
section are beautifully done and the signposts are clear and readable. I may
have to think about this as one of my avatars. 

This is another lovely version of the Wheel of the Year. 

Welcome to Solstice, welcome to a new year of possibility. 

Light your Yule log, sing carols, gather with friends and family. Cook wondrous food, drink marvelous drink and celebrate. Solstice is here, Christmas is coming, and there is still love in the world. Do something kind for someone today - spread the love.

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