Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Time Crunch

It's December 18th and Christmas, for those of you who celebrate this holiday, is NEXT WEDNESDAY! We're all running out of time.

Tick tock...tempus fugit!

I have a bathroom which has a surface of fine plaster dust all over it. It has to be scrubbed today, so that's on my agenda.

I have a washing machine with a tile schematic for re-tiling the ripped-up wall. This needs to be photographed, drawn out, and then can be moved so that I can do laundry.

I have a closet with holes in the wall. The new moulding was cut and glued yesterday and DH will install it on Thursday.

I have pies to order, chicken to make, and food lists to prepare. I have orders to fill and stories to write. I'm frackin' BUSY...and so are all of you, my friends.

One of my favorite holiday treats is Baker's Square Candy Cane Pie.
I ordered one this morning and will be picking it up on Sunday. 

So as I ready myself to join the teeming hoardes of people today in a variety of stores, to wash walls and flooring, and to do laundry - multiple loads - in a washer that still hasn't been replaced, I'll think of next Wednesday because I can sleep in on Christmas Day. Yippee!

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