Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Feeling of Accomplishment

Yesterday was crazy, busy, and very successful. I actually got some holiday shopping done, picking up a few things for DH. It's not a lot, but at least I will have some things to present to him for Christmas as well as his birthday that follows the holiday quite quickly. I also arranged for my pies and checked the hours for picking up my Honey Baked Ham on Sunday. When I arrived back home, I started cleaning.

I washed the floor, then washed it again, and one more time. I washed each wall, and the fixtures and cabinets in the room. I pulled the shade from the light fixture and washed that. I even washed the ceiling and pulled and laundered the draperies. At this point I feel quite confident in saying that we could eat off the floor in this bathroom and that it's the cleanest room in my house.

I admit that I used a mop for the floor, but I handwashed
the walls. Thank goodness for gloves!

Today my DH will work on the covering for my closet wall holes. Once it is stained and mounted, I can return my bins and clothing to my closet and I can't wait! I hate finding/choosing my clothing from the variety of piles in my den. I want my clothes hanging back in my closet and things organized once again.

A snow-filled winter when mixed with holiday lighting and nature's wondrous
paintbrush in the sky always brightens my heart. 

Yesterday was also our one warm day of the week. Today we're back into the deep freeze and expecting more snow tonight. But it's just going to be one of those winters *sigh*. Here's hoping you're warm and cozy on this Thursday.

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