Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Weather Outside is Frightful

Well, we'll end up with 6 inches of snow or so by the end of the day, although right now it's icy but not more than a couple of inches of snow so far. That won't require the snow blower, but will require the shovel. Well, that's OK, I'm able to shovel - very capable, in fact.

Shovel early and you'll get the technique totally nailed.

I spent yesterday working on my Solstice cards, addressing the envelopes and choosing my interior text. In other years I composed my own prose, but I was brain dead this time, so found the perfect song lyrics that made me happy to insert them into my cards. After I get my car to the car doctor, get groceries, etc., I'll settle down with my computerized cutter/printer and get to work. I've got three Wednesdays to get this nailed and the cards in the mail. I'm still undecided about a bunch of things.

I love to make my annual Solstice cards.

No, I didn't write this morning - not yet. I'll bring the laptop with me to the car doctor and I'll write there while I'm waiting for my car. I could spend the time reading, but I'd rather use the time to continue writing. I also owe two photos to my photo of the week group. I'm behind. Given the season and my serious lack of time, being behind is not a surprise.

NaNoWriMo might be over, but my novel certainly isn't. I have
a lot of writing still left to do and I need to keep up with
my schedule of writing every day.

So today is Solstice cards, laundry, car doctor, grocery shopping, the library and shoveling, shoveling and more shoveling. Oh joy! Such a restful day for a day off - LOL. Have a fabulous day and stay warm!

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