Thursday, December 5, 2013

Progress and Bundling

So, Solstice Card progress is good. I got the envelopes printed and the interior messages printed yesterday. Now to work on the actual interior design and the exterior text. I have this inner vision of what I want, but things need to get done in order so as not to break any of my equipment with glitter, crystals or other things dropping into mechanics.

I love to play with glitter and glue, but my printing must be
complete before I can bling things up. 

The car was winterized yesterday - VERY EXPENSIVE *sigh*, but absolutely necessary. I feel much safer as we enter the ...

My car got winterized yesterday. Just in time for our deep freeze.

DEEP FREEZE! Today's high will be 19 F (-7.2 C), but Friday and Saturday's high will be 3 F (-16.1 C), then up to 14 F (-10 C) for Sunday and Monday, and back to the deep freeze with 2 F (-16.6 C) on Tuesday, -2 F (-18.8 C) on Wednesday and 6 F (-14.4 C) on Thursday. Oy! I may be pulling out the long parka for a few days. I've got my long scarf and my variety of headgear, so my head will be cozy. It's cold enough that I have to think about what I am transporting to and from the shop, whether I need to take boxes into the coffee shop with me because it can't be alone in the car for an hour, or whether I can leave things in or outside.

It's cold here, so bundle up if you're in our area.

Oh well, it's winter, and it's really a beautiful season around here. We got almost six inches of snow yesterday, and even though I wasn't that fond of the shoveling, the physical exercise was actually good for me and not that difficult to do as long as I did it several times. I can't be too sad. I worked off some calories, at least :-)

This is what yesterday looked like. Really quite beautiful, if snowy.

Happy Thursday to all of my friends, warm or cold, on this fifth day of December.

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