Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cold Reflections & Card Call-Out #2

It's cold and getting colder, we've had our first snow and we'll be getting more this afternoon and overnight tonight. Of course, I have a car appointment tomorrow morning, but today I'm a bit less rushed. I gathered my holiday card materials yesterday and I'm in full swing to get the cards printed, and out. If you want a Solstice card from me, I'd love to send you one. I don't require a card in return, although I love to get them. Just PM me your address and I'll add you to my list. There are a few of you I'll be contacting directly to catch up and to see if you'll let me brighten your holidays a bit.

I feel the need for a combination of heat and cold, so I'm looking for pairs of photos today. I hope these help make your Tuesday really special!

There's nothing like Antarctica to make me feel the cold...

On the opposing side, here's a lovely and warm beach from Tahiti for all
of you to share. 

The Rocky Mountains of Wyoming are stunning and challenging. 

With mountains, come valleys. This one is a stunning example. 

Monument Valley in Arizona is a desert I've visited and loved.
Deserts are a unique environment. 

And in the same area, here is the Colorado River valley
in one of the hourseshoe bends near the desert above.
(Not walking distance, but geographically near - LOL.)

So there you have it - reflections in nature. The Yin and the Yang of our lives. Look for the good in your life today and spread the love.

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