Monday, December 2, 2013

Call Out For Cards

I'm running a bit late this year, but still want to make sure I get cards sent. No guarantees that they will actually be timely. My goal is always to have them postmarked by Solstice, but I won't be starting them until Wednesday, which is UBER LATE for my schedule since I hand-make each of my cards.

As always, I'd like to share Solstice cards with my friends and relations.

I hope you'll take a bit of time to send me your addy. For my LJ friends, I've made responses private so that your address will only be visible to me.

I want to have a stuffed mailbox and contribute to yours. 

Please let me know. Even if I have sent you a card in the past, I prefer to start with a new list each year.

Only the best for my friends...

I'm looking forward to making something special for each of you.

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Pam said...

Me, Me, Me, please.... =0)