Saturday, November 30, 2013

Gearing Up and Looking Back

Today is the second day of our 2-Day After Thanksgiving Sale event and it should be very busy. Yesterday panned out to be twice our normal volume of people, so that was great. We had a good time with our customers, everyone was very happy with what they purchased, and miracle of miracles, I didn't make any errors on the sales register so the drawer balanced at the end of the day. The transactions were complicated and had to be performed in a specific order or they wouldn't give the proper discount amounts for sale items, so I felt fortunate that everything worked like clockwork. Today will be a bit easier - 20% off all Japanese seed beads. We'll be pulling a lot of product for people and, as usual, I'll be tied to the register. But I'll be really happy to see five-o'clock come around when we can lock the doors.

It will be a relief to lock the doors tonight. It should be a very busy day at the shop. 

My final word count for NaNoWriMo is 63,470 after this morning's writing. I may still get another 500-1000 words in before I open the store this morning, but I do have some fanfic to work on too, so I may push over and work on that instead. I also need to get my photographs for the week taken. I know what I want to take, but time has been an issue for me this week. I don't want to fall behind with the themes, though, so I really need to get this going.

I used Scrivener software for my novel this year. Great software!
I highly recommend it. I'll be buying it when my trial period is over in
a few days. It's well worth the cost. 

I'm thinking more and more about just getting a new washer instead of getting my old one fixed. I really want a washer large enough to allow me to wash my bedding. Right now, to do my bedding requires a trip to the Laundromat, and that's something that I rarely have the time/effort/spare change to do. Additionally, I'm just not that fond of sharing washers with other people, although I have used laundromats throughout my life. I have started researching possible replacement washers, though. If anyone reading my blog in the US who has bought a washer in the past five years has any input for me, I'd appreciate it.

Front Load vs Top Load seems to be quite evenly
divided. Does anyone reading have a subscription to
Consumer Reports and would be willing to do some
research for me on good washing machines? 

I have to work tomorrow, only noon to four, but still work. I am starting to design my Solstice cards in my head and will be doing serious work on them on Wednesday. I'll be putting my first "call out for cards" post out on Monday, so make sure you get back to me then if you want to be added to the list.

This is similar to what I'm thinking for this year's
Solstice cards. Well ... kindof similar. Well ... 

In the meanwhile, I hope all of you have a totally amazing weekend. Be kind to your local salespeople this weekend, they're under lots of seasonal stress :-)

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