Thursday, December 26, 2013

Santa Baby!

It's always nice when Santa is good, and he was a very, very good boy this year. I'm really easy to buy for (which also means I'm really boring to buy for). I asked for gift cards from Barnes & Noble and from iTunes for my e-books and my music. Fortunately my DH and friends actually listened, and that's what I got. Happy me. I'm taking full advantage of NookBook sales to pick up some items I've had my eye on but haven't purchased, and there's a Hindemith Cello Concerto that's been calling my name over at iTunes.

Gift cards can be wonderful presents. I've already loaded mine
into my B&N and my iTunes accounts.

I totally scored for DH's gifts. I gave him the first three seasons of "Inspector Lewis", a BBC Mystery production that we both love. We came into the series a bit late, so never saw the early seasons. He had to dive into this immediately, so we watched the pilot and season one last night. He's really happy with this gift.

The actors were so young when the series started. The series ended
in the US earlier this year and we were very sad to see it end. But at least
we have some of it to watch now. 

DH wanted prime rib for dinner, so I cooked one up. OMG, it turned out amazing! A huge hunk of beef. I ate a small bit from my rib, I'll be eating it for the next few dinners. I have no problem with that at all - LOL. It was the perfect medium rare that he wants and, since I prefer mine a bit better cooked, I'll do that with each of my subsequent meals. There's still one rib left for his birthday dinner tonight.

I rarely eat beef, but I do enjoy a good prime rib. 

Yes, DH is a holiday baby with a Dec 26 birthday. This year is one of those milestone birthdays for him, and guaranteed to put him into a bit of a funk when he thinks about it. However, there's nothing to be done for it. The clock keeps ticking onward.

Happy Birthday to my DH. He doesn't read my blog, but I'll be
giving him cards and gifts later today.

I hope each of you had a lovely holiday and that if Santa stopped by your house, he was generous and brilliant in his choices. Happy Thursday to all...

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