Friday, December 27, 2013

Stumbling As We Go

Remember when I said that water issues follow us? I awakened at 1:20 am (yes...AM) to the sound of water drops. Tracking it down, I discovered that we were dripping inside one of the livingroom windows - the dreaded ICE DAM has struck again. I put down a towel, listened to muffled drops for an hour and finally managed to get one more hour of sleep before my alarm went off.

Icicles are lovely to look at but indicate lots of problems underneath.
I'm hoping that we can get our ice dams resolved quickly and easily. 

I'll have the lovely job of telling my DH that he will have to climb up on the roof today and get rid of the ice dam. The really annoying part about this? He has been super diligent about using the roof rake and getting rid of our snowpack. After each snow he's been up there scraping, the last time was on Christmas Day. So it's not for lack of diligence, it's just our curse working once more.

No plot twists like Game of Thrones in my Yule fic. But that's
OK. Not everything I write needs to be angst-driven, after all...

I've finally got my LOTR Community Yule Exchange story ready for uploading, but realized I don't have the name of the person for whom I wrote it. So...a slight additional delay is in the works while I await a response from the mods. But, although not one of my best works (no gut-wrenching or twisting plots for this one, just a nice, sweet yule tale), it doesn't rank as one of my worst stories either. It's middle-of-the-road, and considering where my characters wanted to take the plot, I'm grateful things ended up where they did.

It appears that the color for this year is a dark rose *sigh*. 

I'm sitting at my desk, looking at my Bead & Button Show catalog. With help from DH, I managed to decide on four classes that I will try to register for on the 7th of January. I'll have a Wednesday open, maybe I'll hit a museum. Milwaukee has a wonderful art museum and a great Public Museum that is near the convention center. Hopefully I can get to one or both of these.

The Milwaukee Public Museum is two blocks from the Convention Center.
It's one of my "go-to" places for off-days during the Show.

It's crazy to be planning for June when it is still December, but so is my life. I hope you have a nice, dry, warm day today. Happy Friday!

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