Wednesday, November 6, 2013

NaNo Flip Day 6 - A Birthday Party

Putting a really late post together tonight because I was out celebrating Chickie's birthday with a small group of friends. We ate at a restaurant in Little Mexico called El Nuevo Rodeo. OMG! Some seriously wonderful food. I ate WAY too much, but birthdays only come once a year and Chickie was worth the extra caloric output and intake.

Wouldn't we all love a great monster pinata like this? It's almost
a shame to break it open.

The discussion between the five of us ran the gamut from attractive men - *sigh* Yul! OK, those of you who are young may not know much about Yul Brynner, but trust me - this man was gorgeous! Take a look.

I do love a good looking man, and Yul Brynner was a definite looker!

Then Angie told us about having to help move a huge, heavy china cabinet from a house to her mother's place and how difficult it was to do. Then, several weeks later, her mother phoned, telling her that she had just bought a house - the very house they had moved the cabinet from in the first place. Just think of the effort that could have been spared if they had just known she would end up buying not only the cabinet but the house that surrounded it.

Angie has a truck, and so does her husband. That
means they get called upon often to help move things.

And finally, we all had to *squee* over the sweet grey tiger-striped kitten that Amy just got. This pic isn't of hers, but the one she had on her phone was equally cute and very similarly colored.  Who can resist a sweet cat.

What a cutie!

When adding it all together along with a nice high word count and a lovely hour-long chat with Aearwen, it was a wonderful day off.  Have a fabulous Thursday everyone!.

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