Monday, November 4, 2013

NaNo Flip - Day 4 - Preparing for the Storm

We're supposed to get a winter storm tomorrow afternoon and evening that could dump anywhere from 3"-7" of snow on us by Wednesday morning. *sigh* If we actually do get this amount, I'll have to shovel on Wednesday morning because we haven't purchased a snow blower yet, and since Chickie's birthday celebration dinner is Wednesday night, I'll have the lovely opportunity of driving all over St Paul and Minneapolis in icky weather for the sake of good Mexican food and prime tequila. Of course, there is something to be said for good Mexican food and prime tequila, but there is even more to be said for the storm center missing us completely. That is a possibility, which would drop our expected snowfall amount considerably. I'm hoping that will turn out to be the case.

We want a snowblower like this Cub Cadet 24" model. It
will do everything we need and it's not massively expensive -
not cheap, but not outrageous for something that will be used
as much as we will use this. 

DH and I spent Sunday cleaning garages. We brought the final items home from my father-by-marriage's house and ended up cleaning his garage. Then we came home and cleaned our garage to make room for those last few things. DH had his eye on a multi-drawer workbench/cart combo at Home Depot, so once we had cleaned and made space, we went ahead and purchased that. He'll set it up in the spring, but at least he has it now and he is happy.

His new workbench is almost identical to this, the only difference is a
stronger handle and better casters. It's actually really nice. I
wouldn't mind one for myself, but the one I have in my glass studio is
plenty good enough for my purposes. 

My NaNo writing suffered a bit on Sunday, but that wasn't unexpected. I schedule things so that Sunday's word count is the lowest of the week, and I try to overwrite during the week so that if I get little done on Sunday it's not a set-back. This morning I finished the last part of a section and tomorrow I'm returning to my second character whose timeline is much more contemporary - right around 1969. I also started work on my LOTR Community Challenge nano combo this morning and feel that I have a good start to that. So all in all I'm happy with where I'm at right now.

1969 was quite an eventful year and a lot happens to my
protagonist in my o-fic during that year as well. It's such a fun'
story to write. I'm having a blast with my story-line. 

As usual, in these evening posts, you're not getting a lot of anything specific, but I'm going to throw in some pictures here and then see what I can do for a friend who has asked me for a quick beta. I keep thinking about going back to school for a few classes in grammar. I feel it is terribly lacking in my work just now and needs some serious work. Does anyone know any inexpensive on-line courses in grammar and sentence construction that they could recommend to me? Do tell :-)

Commas can be so important. I'm usually fairly good at grammar, but
sometimes it eludes me. I really would love to get a better handle
on it and feel more confident about my writing. After all, plot, although
important, isn't everything. 

Sleep tight...

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