Saturday, November 2, 2013

NaNoWriMo Flip - Day 2 Halloween

I promised some Halloween pics, and it's been a really exhausting day, so things worked out well together. Below the cut I have a few Halloween pictures. Don't forget to sleep for an extra hour tomorrow morning, you won't get that opportunity again for another year!  Happy weekend!

Chickie went to Space Camp a few years ago when she was on
vacation. She had an opportunity to explore lots of equipment
because her friend worked there. Doesn't she look wonderful
in this picture? She's lost about 50 pounds this year!

A friend of Chickie's sent this Halloween costume pic
to her. Isn't this chicken/gnome just too funny? 

Finally, because I promised, here is my pic with my
auburn wig and my full length black dress.  I love my
wig, my DH hates it. Such is life. My necklace is
a black, enameled butterfly. The lower pendant is
a celtic triangle knot with a pentacle that I wear every day.
I had spider earrings on. 

Last pic, a full-length of my outfit for
Halloween at the shop. Although you can't see
it in this pic, my socks are mis-matched (on purpose)
and I'm wearing my hand-made shoes from
the Renaissance Festival. 

Happy weekend, everyone!

1 comment:

Pam said...

Did not recognize Chickie!! WOW!
And, I love the auburn wig!! Jim is crazy or needs new glasses. LOL